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Apple launches anti-vax social apps over misinformation

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Apple launches anti-vax social appsMobile app shops are cracking down on one of the higher-profile communities spreading anti-vax misnformation. Bloomberg reports that Apple has removed Unjected, a hybrid social and dating app for the unvaccinated, for “inappropriately” referencing the COVID-19 pandemic’s concept and themes. Unjected claims it is a platform for medical autonomy and freedom of speech, but social media posts have made false claims about vaccines altering genes and connecting to 5G as well as being used as bioweapons.

App founders also involved in an ongoing battle over the Android app. Unjected was informed by Google on July 16th, that Google had given them two weeks to delete the false posts from their app in order to prevent a Play Store ban. Developers responded by removing the feed. Shelby Thompson, co-creator of Unjected said that Unjected intended to ignore the request and restore both the feed as well as the offensive posts.

Apple and Google have been contacted for comments. Unjected still has a presence on Instagram despite that social network’s anti-misinformation stance, although that account mostly promotes its views on “freedom” and only occasionally mentions falsehoods, such as incorrect claims that mRNA vaccines alter DNA. Facebook has also been contacted.

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According to Apptopia, Unjected has roughly 18,000 downloads. This is a small number compared with mainstream social networks. The crackdown serves to warn that Apple and Google will not tolerate any apps that encourage or knowingly allow the creation of anti-vax content.

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Publited Sat 31 July 2021 at 18:05:37 +0000

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