BBC backlash at Olympics shambles as MORE action missed ‘Can’t believe it!’

However, it seems some viewers were unimpressed by the channel’s coverage and its choice to have four commentators in the studio.

Numerous sports fans suggested there was too much discussion and not enough sporting action, taking to Twitter to complain.

One BBC viewer wrote: “#bbcolympics what rubbish. I tuned in to watch live olympics and all I see is studio chat. I watch Eurosport because they are actually showing the live action. Yesterday I was watching the 10000m on bbc i switched to Eurosport they were showing the result. So much for live on bbc.”

A second fan agreed, adding: “I couldn’t believe that they were talking and chatting in the studio about Dina Asher-Smith while CJ Ujah was running live in the men’s 100 meters heats. Completely ignored him, fortunately I could watch it live on Eurosport.”

Published at Sat, 31 Jul 2021 13:39:00 +0000

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