Car parking amnesty! All charges to be axed by councils Summer to Save UK City Centres

Car parking amnesty! All charges to be axed by councils
Summer to Save UK City Centres

His argument is that visitors, shoppers and tourists will return to the town centre if they are given short, free parking spaces in city-owned carparks. This would boost sales and profits for shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Mr Jenrick thinks that 10 minute free periods could be just enough to encourage shoppers while also protecting the income of councils.

He is pushing for free parking ahead of publication of an autumn parking code. The new enforcement structure is intended to reduce unfair ticketing and tackle cowboy parking companies with simplified appeals.

According to the Government, drivers should feel confident that they won’t be unfairly punished by “rogue operators” when they go into town.

Robert Jenrick, Communities Secretary, said that this summer many will meet with friends or family for coffee or to explore local cities or go out for dinner at their favorite restaurant. This will make it easier for people to meet up and help towns after difficult years. I am urging local councils not to charge parking fees in the summer holiday.

Too often, local shops and restaurants are hindered by high parking fees that make it difficult to get into the city. It would be an important gesture of support in our efforts to rebuild and help local businesses.

Darren Rodwell, the transport spokesman for the Local Government Association, warned that if high streets parking charges are too low the spaces will be filled with commuters and this hurts local traders.

According to him, “During the pandemic many councils have suspended parking fees in council-run parking lots and on-street parking. They also waived any fines for critically ill workers. Traffic levels are almost back at pre-pandemic levels, with staycations becoming more common than ever. Councils must ensure that there is enough parking for all, keep traffic moving and deal with dangerous parking.

Councils have had to deal with an increasing number of cars, which has led to a 10 million increase in vehicles on the roads over the past 20 years. High street parking spaces that are not charged enough can become occupied by commuters, making it difficult for shoppers to park. This could have a detrimental impact on local businesses.

John Longworth is the chairman of Independent Business Network. He stated: “It’s clear that parking fees have played a significant role in the decline of high streets and town centres.” While a temporary decrease or elimination in parking charges is welcome, a longer-term solution is needed.

The lost revenue must be addressed, which could lead to tax increases or cuts. If this is to not be just a marketing gimmick, a comprehensive approach is essential.

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