Elizabeth Hurley gives an amazing performance in very Busty black ensemble

Elizabeth Hurley (56), shows off her stunning figure in a very plunging black outfit and says ‘thank god it’s Friday!

When sharing intimate snaps with her followers, she exudes confidence.

Elizabeth Hurley (56), put on a spectacular display Friday night. She wore a black and patterned outfit on Instagram, showing off her stunning figure.

It was no surprise that the actress struck a striking pose with the ensemble, and the open-top top left little room for imagination.

Confident: Elizabeth Hurley put on an eye-popping display and showed off her sensational figure in a very busty black ensemble on Instagram on Friday

Convinced: Elizabeth Hurley looked stunning in an extremely revealing black outfit on Instagram.

Elizabeth radiates radiance, with her stunning eyeliner accentuating her beautiful look.

As the mirror at the back of this shot shows, the star from Bedazzled was not afraid to try her best angles.

She wore her brunette hair loosely curled and seemed happy that it was weekend.

Friday feeling: The 56-year-old seemed very pleased that the weekend was upon her, as she captioned the picture: 'Hip hip hooray, TGIF'

Friday feelings: She was 56 years old and seemed happy that Saturday had arrived. As she captioned her picture, “Hip hip hooray! TGIF!”

Elizabeth isn’t the only one who has displayed her body to her nearly 2.1 million Instagram followers.

She posted a beautiful throwback photo earlier in the month on her platform, wearing a sequin dress and a plunging gown.

The mother-of-one told her fans: ‘The last time I wore a party dress- February 2020- #thatslife #india #happydays.’

'The last time I wore a party dress': Earlier on this month, the actress used her platform to post a stunning throwback snap in a plunging sequin gown

“The last time that I wore party dresses”: The actress posted a throwback photo in a sequin dress earlier this month.

Elizabeth, who is furious at her 19-year-old son Damian’s divorce from Steve’s fortune, is being supported by her friends.

American businessman Steve, 55 years old, committed suicide in June last year.

According to The Mirror, Elizabeth’s famous pals have rallied around her, with her ex and Damian’s godfather Hugh Grant, showing support, while Naomi Campbell and Tamara Mellon have sent kind messages to the pair.

According to a source, the publication was told by a person familiar with the situation that it is heartbreaking what happened to Damian. However, Liz and he have lots of support.

Elizabeth is in turmoil one year after Steve died tragically. tried to help her son navigate the difficult emotions that accompanied the loss of his father.

Although Damian and Steve had been in a relationship that was almost nonexistent throughout their teen years, Steve, a multimillionaire businessman, had begun to make tentative steps toward establishing a father/son bond. He called him on his 18th Birthday.

Financial battle: Elizabeth is reportedly being supported by pals amid her fury over her son Damian, 19, being cut from his dad Steve's family fortune

Financial struggle: Elizabeth is being supported by friends amid her anger over Damian’s father Steve’s financial loss

There for you: Model Naomi Campbell, 50, is among a group of friends who have reached out to Elizabeth after Damian was cut out of his son's will (pictured together in 2007)

Naomi Campbell (50), a model, has reached out to Elizabeth following Damian’s death.

Steve was convinced that Damian, his older half-sister Kira and Damian would have financial security when he died.

Recently, he won a court case over his father’s attempts to exclude them from trust funds that could be worth as much as a billion (PS725million).

After his grandfather appealed the decision, Damian will not receive any money.

The fortune will instead be divided between Steve’s siblings Mary and Steve, who, crucially, were not born to wedlock like their cousins.

Former flame: The mother-of-one said that when Steve Bing died he believed his two children were going to be looked after (pictured together in a throwback snap from the Noughties)

Ex-fiancée: A mother-of-1 said that Steve Bing believed that his children would be taken care of after his death (pictured in an old throwback photo from the Noughties).


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