France’s expats are ‘infuriated by’ quarantine. ‘One rule for all’ And another one for the others.

On July 16th, the amber plus was created. France became the first country to be added to the list. All French arrivals into the UK will be subject to 10 days isolation and a predeparture coronavirus and two additional PCR tests during their quarantine.

“It’s impossible for me to leave my job.

“And I have the holiday that I can afford, but I cannot afford to take 10 days. If I traveled across the globe, I would need to be quarantined.

The fact that large-scale spectator events and football games have been allowed to take place in England was another problem for British expats.

She explained, “We switched on the TV.”

Then there’s a football contest, where you see how many people are at Wembley supporting different football teams. There is no spacing between seats and they don’t have any masks.

“It’s one rule that applies to some and another for others. That frustrates me.”

Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport has stated that the amber+ list will be kept under review.

Minister says that changes are possible “at the beginning of next week.”

Grant Shapps, Secretary of State, Transport, stated that travel will change this year. While we want to continue to allow international travel to be safe, it is our priority to safeguard the public’s health in the UK.

We urge anyone considering going to Europe this summer, including those who are thinking of traveling abroad, to review their terms and conditions.

Experts are concerned that Spain and Greece could join France, which is currently the only country on the amber+ list.

Paul Scully (Minister for Small Business), stated that the Government wants to “give people as many notices as possible” before adding any changes to the list.

Publited Sat 31 July 2021, 12:10:52 +0000

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