Holidaymakers could have hand luggage Phones without a charge confiscated

Every country has its own rules and regulations for international travel. These rules include strict guidelines regarding what can and cannot be brought onboard aircrafts.

After the alert was issued, the Department for Transport sent out a warning that read “Passengers travelling to and from the UK might now be asked to prove their electronic devices are charged or they may not be allowed to take the device on board the plane.”

Security officers may not ask all passengers to switch on their devices, but random checks of security are done.

Holidaymakers should ensure that their device has at least sufficient power so they can turn it on if asked.

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways both encourage passengers to make sure their batteries don’t run out.

British Airways also has USB charging points on its planes so passengers can recharge their phones while they are in transit.

The British-flag airline says on its website: “You can usually take electronic and electric items in your hand or check baggage. However, you must follow safety instructions.”

To demonstrate their functionality, airport security personnel may request that you turn on any electronic or battery-powered device, including phones, tablets and laptops.

You won’t be able take your device with if you are unable to perform this task.

Before you leave for the airport, please ensure your items are charged up and turned on. Please ensure that your item is fully charged before you leave the airport.

Connecting is a good idea. Don’t run out of power during your first leg. Airport charging points may be limited so you might need to bring an adapter.

Passengers who are having their device confiscated can leave the device with a member from “customer service” and return it to them.

British Airways added: “If your device is not in your checked baggage you may be able to book a newer flight, but you will need to make sure that the charge has been applied before you fly.” Your ticket type may apply to the fee for changing your booking.

The airline points out that these rules are only applicable to passengers departing Heathrow Airport.

International Citizens Insurance spokesperson said that it was easy to avoid stressful situations once you get at the airport by making sure everything is permitted on the plane.

You might not consider some items to be a problem while packing but it is clear that safety must be considered when deciding whether they should be allowed in your hand luggage.

You don’t want items taken from you or a possible fine.

You should always check the restrictions of each airline before you travel.

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