Jono Castano shows off his bulging muscles in VERY tight clothes boxers

“That’s heavy!” Jono Castano, celebrity trainer, leaves nothing to imagination as he wears very tight shorts and flaunts his bulging muscles in cheeky selfies at the gym.

For celebrities across Australia, he’s their personal trainer.

Jono Castano showed off his chiseled physique on Sunday while sporting tight shorts at the gym.

He showed off his 30-year-old body in this post that he captioned Mood’.

“That’s heavy!” Jono Castano (30), a celebrity trainer, was able to show off his bulging muscles and wear very tight shorts while taking a selfie in front of a mirror.

While pointing his middle finger at the camera, the fitness expert stuck his tongue out to get the funny snap.

His 679k Instagram followers were in a frenzy over the sizzling locker room selfie. One wrote: “Bulging all around obviously” while another added: “That looks heavy.”

Other people seemed to be paying more attention to Castano’s image and noticing his boxers may have been worn backwards.

Impressed: The sizzling locker-room selfie sent his 679k followers into a frenzy, with one fan writing: 'Bulging all over obviously,' while a second added: 'That looks heavy'

Impressive: His locker-room selfie sent 679k of his followers into an exclamation point. One wrote: “Bulging all around obviously,” while another added: “That looks heavy.”

“Are they back-to-front as I believe I see a label?” “I’m confused, but I can see a label.” One wrote. He candidly giggled, saying, “Good spot! I don’t know what honesty is.

Because he helped Rebel (41), lose more than 30Kg over the past year, the hunk is well-known within the fitness industry.

Since then, he has trained with a variety of stars including Candice Warner and Michael Clarke.

Oops! Other people seemed to be paying more attention to Castano’s image and noticing his boxers might have been worn backwards.

A-List clients: Jono helped Rebel Wilson (pictured, right) lose 30kg during her 'year of health' in 2020

A-List Clients: Jono assisted Rebel Wilson (pictured right) to lose 30kg in her 2020 ‘year for health’

Jono shared his top 3 fitness tips with Daily Mail Australia.

He explained that it was all about creating balance.

“There are many tips that I can share with clients but Acero [his company for fitness] is all about balance. People should have fun.

Jono suggests that you document your fitness goals via social media, and you’move’ for at least 45 minutes per day if you are trying to lose weight.

He advocates a #45Daily approach to exercise, where you work out for about 45 minutes each day and then rethink how your body moves.

“If you are trying to lose weight, I recommend that more repetitions be done than ever before. Also, keep your focus on 120 beats per minute and try to hold it throughout.

Weighing in: Jono's approach promotes a '#45Daily' idea, which involves working out for 45 minutes and rethinking how you move

Jono encourages you to weigh in. This involves exercising for 45 minutes, and then rethinking your movement.


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