Multiple Halo Infinite Beta leaks Campaigns and Story Spoilers

The first Halo Infinite beta is going on this weekend and alongside enjoying the multiplayer, fans have also been digging into the game’s secrets. The Halo Infinite tech preview appears to contain a few spoilers, not to mention the confirmation of multiple campaign options.

343 Industries, Halo Infinite’s developer, hinted last month at story expansions after the first campaign. The Heroes of Reach DLC is due sometime in the future. A screenshot from the Halo Waypoint blog for June suggested multiple “campaign pass” options. This could be something that the single-player/cooperative game might offer along with its own Battle Pass.

It would seem this may well be true, as the current Halo Infinite technical beta includes a number of blanked-out options on the overview menu, which can be easily seen using the Halo Waypoint app – as spotted by Xbox News on Twitter. The suspicious button labeled ‘campaigns” is also in the plural. This could be a typo, or Halo Infinite may have several campaigns.

This is potentially positive news. However, it’s more troubling that several campaign files appeared to have been included in beta. These include spoilers for Halo Infinite. Joseph Staten, creative director, confirmed the existence of these files via Twitter and asked fans to not spread them around.

These spoilers won’t be revealed as we’re not evil. However, they contain plot details and mission objectives. They also include at least one twist that spans the whole campaign, right up to the end. It’s a real shame that these ended up in the very first beta for Halo Infinite, especially as by all accounts the game’s multiplayer is a lot of fun.

Publited Sat 31 July 2021, 12:11:06 +0000

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