Netflix’s 11 Best Spy Movies

Spy movies provide a unique brand of thrills. The dashing agents are able to race across exotic locales and take audiences with them for all the thrills. You can expect eye-popping gadgetry and heart-racing action scenes, as well as mind-bending twists. The spy movie has many forms, including dramatic and hilarious, that transcend these standard criteria. We have something to suit every type of spy tale.

These are the top spy films available on Netflix now:

1. Casino Royale

Bond, James Bond has been the iconic espionage thriller for decades. In 2006’s hit, Daniel Craig, an English actor, took over the role as 007 following in the steps of Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Casino Royale was directed by Martin Campbell. It took audiences back to when the MI6’s MI6 operative was still working towards obtaining his license to murder. Craig, who has blue eyes that are as sharp as his demeanor and hurled himself into thrilling action while delivering sharp jokes and seducing Eva Green, was a star of this iconic franchise. Additional performances by Jeffrey Wright and Mads Mikkelsen add to the blockbuster’s power. You can also double your fun by clicking Quantum of Solace. Be sure you do this before August 31st, as that is when they will disappear.

You can watch Casino Royale on Netflix.

2. Austin Powers

Elizabeth Hurley and Mike Myers, “Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery.” ”
Credit: New Line / Kobal / Shutterstock

Imagine James Bond with zero chill. Austin Powers would be the English spy, an eccentric shag with a sense of style and a 1960s worldview. He is, of course. Mike Myers plays the role of Dr. Evil, the title secret agent in this 1997 hit action comedy. Evil, also played by Myers. In the 30 years that have passed since their last encounter, however, things have changed dramatically, making both the heros and the villains funny fish out the water. Myers is joined by a chopped-up cast including Mindy Sterling and Elizabeth Hurley. Jay Roach uses espionage standard elements like eccentric foes and busty female fatales to make a hilarious parody. You can also make a DIY marathon by watching the original film and its sequels Austin Powers The Spy Who Stole Me and Goldmember.

You can watch Austin Powers International Man of Mystery on Netflix.

3. The Sum of All Fears

The Brits have James Bond and the Americans Jack Ryan when it comes to steely secrets agents played by a group of debonair men. Jack Ryan, a friendly CIA agent, was created by Tom Clancy. He’s been portrayed in countless movies by Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck. Ryan, a 2002 thriller’s analyst, is incredibly intelligent, but not trained for his field. Ryan is a Neo-Nazi who plots to force the US and Russia to a new nuclear war. Ryan then takes to political intrigue and action to rescue his country from destruction. Director Phil Alden Robinson creates tension that is jaw-dropping. This tension is rooted in the stirring performances of an ensemble including Morgan Freeman and James Cromwell as well as Philip Baker Hall, Ciaran hinds, Ciaran Hinds and Liev Scheiber.

You can watch The Sum of All Fears on Netflix.

4. Unknown

This one is critically acclaimed? It is not. This 2011 action-thriller with Liam Neeson was still a huge hit at the box office. If that is your thing, then you shouldn’t miss this flick. It stars horror director Jaume Colllet-Serra ( House of Wax. Orphan. The Shallows.) dipping his toes into espionage. Based on Didier Van Cauwelaert’s French novel, Unknown features Neeson playing Dr. Martin Harris who travels to Berlin with January Jones, his beautiful wife. Then, a lost briefcase and a crash in a taxi-cab turn him into an entirely new reality. His wife claims she is not his wife and Dr. Martin Harris insists she is. This anonymous man of action tries to uncover the truth. He discovers conspiracy and deception. And that’s only the beginning. Collet-Serra & Neeson make a thrilling thriller full of tension, terror and action.

What to Watch: Netflix has Unknown streaming.

5. Red Joan

Sophie Cookson plays Young Joan, and Stephen Campbell Moore portrays Max Davis in Red Joan. ”
Credit to Nick Wall/ Lionsgate/ Kobal/ Shutterstock

The espionage story begins in an English garden where Judy Dench, a charming old woman is trimming shrubbery. She’s then arrested and charged with treason. Flashbacks take us back to World War II England when Joan Smith (Sophie Cookson), was a young, bright woman who became involved in international intrigue and torrid romance. The story is inspired by Melita Nowood, an English civil servant, which gave classified information about nuclear weapons to the KGB. Red Joan tells the story of a controversial and complicated woman who, in the hopes of saving the planet, broke all rules. Trevor Nunn, theater director, guides his cast in portrayals that are both restrained and riveting. The best part is the stinging scenes of spycraft, which are imbued with a woman’s touch to diversion. These range from baby carriages and fur coats to men’s inquisitiveness over a packet of sanitary napkins.

Red Joan streaming on Netflix: How to Watch

6. The net

The 1995 movie is an entertaining and fascinating time capsule that focuses on the beginnings of the internet, and the growing fears Americans have about spying online. Sandra Bullock plays the role of a lonely hacker. Her vulnerability and intensity made her A-lister. She will need to draw on her computer skills, fast-dwindling friends list and her intelligence to defeat her evil foes. Director Irwin Winkler sets his protagonist free from the safety of her computer screen and creates a world that is wide-ranging and full of dangers. This web includes Cancun beaches and sterile retirement communities, sprawling convention centers and even the arms of a stranger (Jeremy Northam). Although the internet may look old-fashioned, the suspense thriller of espionage still holds its own.

What to Watch: The Net streaming on Netflix

7. Snowden

You want something more terrifying than the fiction that evil lurks online? This 2016 thriller/biopic about Edward Snowden, an American CIA subcontractor who leaked classified information on how the U.S. government used the internet to spy upon its citizens, is worth a look. Many believe Edward Snowden to be a hero and whistleblower. Some see him as an enemy or a traitor. Oliver Stone is the acclaimed filmmaker of Platoon and Born on July Fourth of July Wall Street and JFK. He has not shied away provocative content, which is why he takes bold steps here. He brings his trademark gravitas to Snowden and pulls together an impressive cast including Shailene Woodley and Melissa Leo as well as Tom Wilkinson and Timothy Olyphant. They declassify the story and myths of this man in this thrilling offering.

Snowden streaming on Netflix: How to Watch

8. American

The 2010 movie combines elements from espionage and western to make a unique story. George Clooney plays a contract killer who wants to escape his life…but not lose it. His handler offers him one final job in beautiful Italy after a terrible accident in Sweden. This dashing death dealer soon meets a charming local, a kind priest and an assassin. Every one of these new relationships, whether for good or bad, spurred him to consider his entire life. He can he really just leave? Anton Corbijn, director, brings steamy atmosphere and sharp edge to this gripping tale about hit men, double-crossings, deception and second chances. Johan Leysen, Thekla Reinuten and Paolo Bonacelli star as co-stars.

What to Watch: You can stream The American on Netflix.

9. The Penguins of Madagascar

Benedict Cumberbatch portrays a proud wolf spy in Penguins of Madagascar. ”
Credit: Shutterstock

It’s a family friendly thing that I’ve spotted! The Penguins of Madagascar 2014 gives the wacky waddle a spy-stuffed spinoff of its own after they proved themselves stealthy scene-stealers during Madagascar’s movies. Simon J. Smith and Eric Darnell openly discuss the story behind the formation of the four-penguin team of Skipper (Kowalski), Rico and Private. They then give the silly spy team a global mission to find a master disguiser. This animated adventure is full of espionage drama standard features, such as lush locales, wild tech and gonzo action. It also has tons to laugh at, using parody, fart jokes and prat fall with equal delight. The voice cast includes the well-known dramatic actors John Malkovich and Benedict Cumberbatch as well as Werner Herzog, a documentarian.

You can watch Penguins of Madagascar on Netflix.

10. American Ultra

The spy movie classic is the “sleeper agent”, a person with mild manners who has the spycraft and muscle memory of a dangerous operative. Sometimes, even their identity can be a mystery. Then, a code word that is cryptic unlocks the door to a wealth of hidden secrets. You can imagine The Manchurian Candidate being a comedy about stoners, which will give you a sense of American Ultra’s bizarre pleasures in 2015. Jesse Eisenberg plays a confused convenience store clerk whose main goal is to propose (Kristen Stewart). This is all until a surprise attack by heavily-armed enemies turns on the hidden programming and reveals that he’s Jason Bourne…if Jason Bourne had anxiety problems. Nima Nourizadeh, director, brings an explosive pace and a lot of humor to the story about an agent who goes rogue in order to save her girl. Co-stars include Connie Britton and John Leguizamo as well as Walton Goggins and Topher Grace.

American Ultra streaming on Netflix: How to Watch __S.125__

11. The Losers

This 2010 release was criticized by critics for its absurdity, endless stunt sequences and mindless entertainment. Sometimes, all of this is what you need. Despite its somewhat sexist title, this action movie is packed with big names in butt-kicking. These include Pacific Rim’s IdrisElba and Jeffrey Dean Morgan from The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Zoe Saldana and Captain America of the MCU, Chris Evans. Sylvain white harnesses this star power to create an unhinged adaptation of Jock and Andy Diggle’s Vertigo Comic series . The film is fast-paced and follows an elite, eccentric black-ops group who are forced to fight for their existence after being betrayed. The path to possible salvation is filled with explosive action and lots of swagger. It’s a great pick for Netflix or Veg.

You can watch The Losers on Netflix.

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