Pete Doherty smiles wide as he displays his dazzling new t-shirt. A slimmer frame is seen on the stage at Coventry

Pete Doherty smiles wide as he displays his slimmer frame at the Home Sessions music festival, Coventry.

While performing at Saturday’s Terry Hall Presents Home Sessions in Coventry, Pete Doherty looked slimmer.

After being photographed with an even fuller body during a Normandy stroll, where he ate a slice of cheese, the 42-year-old rocker looked remarkably different than he did in May.

Pete, however, has shown that he is working hard to lose weight. He was sexier while belting out songs in Coventry Cathedral during the festival. This event is part of UK City of Culture.

Looking good: Pete Doherty showed off a much slimmer frame while performing on stage at the Terry Hall presents Home Sessions in Coventry on Saturday

Pete Doherty looked great while onstage at the Terry Hall Presents Home Sessions in Coventry.

Babyshambles’ star wore a light grey England football shirt and dark jeans. He teamed them with white trainers.

Pete seemed very content as he sang to the audience with his guitar.

This comes just a week after Pete returned to Newcastle for his first gig in over a year since the pandemic.

Big change: The rocker, 42, looked significantly different from how he did in May after being pictured with a much fuller physique during a stroll in Normandy, in which he nibbled a wedge of cheese

It was a big change. The 42-year-old rocker looked significantly different than he did May after being photographed with a fuller body during a Normandy stroll, where he ate a slice of cheese.

After Britain’s Freedom Day, July 19, the rock star was among the first to perform on the platform.

His gig was at Riverside Music Venue, his first of a string of intimate gigs.

Peter stated earlier in the year that since his Normandy move, he’s been sleeping a lot and eating French cheese.

Happy: But Pete has appeared to work hard to shed the pounds as he displayed a distinctly trimmer figure while belting out tracks in Coventry Cathedral at the festival, which is part of UK City of Culture

Happy: Pete seems to have lost weight. He looked trim while singing in Coventry Cathedral, which was part of UK City of Culture.

Casual look: The Babyshambles star donned a white England football T-shirt and dark grey jeans, which he teamed with a pair of white trainers

Casual Look: Babyshambles’ star wore a light grey T-shirt from England and dark jeans. He paired them with white sneakers.

He seems to be enjoying a slower pace of living these days, and is reportedly taking up petanque, a bowls-inspired sport.

Pete may join locals to play a French game, where you throw metal balls at a target as closely as possible.

He lives now with Katia, his film editor girlfriend, but he revealed that he still enjoys making cocktails.

Performer: Pete appeared very happy with himself as he played his guitar to the crowds at the event

Performer: Pete seemed very content as he performed his guitar for the audience at the event

One local told The Sun: ‘Peter is no longer a bad boy. He is now relaxed, settled down, and loves the good things in life.

“We introduced him petanque to him and he fell in love with it. When we play, he often comes along to our club nights.

Mikael Grondin (the bakery owner) said that Pete has lost weight in the last few months and is now a regular customer for Bout de Choux, a cream-filled pastry. He may have gained weight from this, but don’t be discouraged, these treats will still be great for him.

Pete recently revealed that he loves cheese on toast, and that sleeping is his guilty pleasure after staying up for six days.

Let me entertain you:  The audience appeared engrossed as the former Libertines frontman played for them

Allow me to entertain you. The former Libertines frontman performed for the audience.


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