Police should issue drivers penalty points, according to campaigners People who litter the roads

Damon Yoxall, petition founder, said that new rules must be established to allow police officers two points of punishment for violating the rules. Drivers caught littering their vehicles face a maximum PS150 penalty.

To respond to Mr Yoxall’s proposal, the Government needs 10,000 signatures and 100,000 to allow it to be discussed in Parliament.

Nick Freeman, a motor lawyer and author said that driving points for littering will be an “much stronger” deterrent to drivers caught littering.

As fines are “not sufficient”, he said that councils “just do half the job”.

Highways England data shows that one-seventh of motorists admit to throwing trash out their windows every year.

It could make customers and companies “accountable for litter,” she said.

Nearly 60,000 people have signed the poll, and the government has already responded to it.

This was however overwhelmingly rejected by the Government, who suggested that they wouldn’t look at the idea because it wasn’t cost-effective.

The respondent said, “We don’t think it would cost-effective for takeaway food sellers to establish a vehicle registration number printing system and tracer system for packaging.”

Publited Sat 31 July 2021 at 17:54.36 +0000

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