Second-hand purchases could be a trap for caravan owners Staycations: Tow your car

Witter Tow Bars experts have reported a significant increase in the number of people buying used towbars this year. Some of the parts could have been in accidents and are not safe for longer trips.

Some drivers may be being offered “original equipment” towbars that are meant to fit when the vehicle is built, according to specialists.

As he stated that installing them on vehicles later in the process “doesn’t work”, urging road users to be cautious.

Speaking to, Witter spokesperson Adrian Parry-Jones said salvage yards were regularly to blame for the sale of damaged equipment.

He stated that people can also advertise via social media, eBay, and other sites.

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Joe Bloggs will then come and tell us that he needs a neck to pull this towbar.

They have bought an original towbar that was made to fit in a factory.

They are trying aftermarket to fix it and trying to find spares to make it work, but it just won’t work.

Witter warned that the most expensive tow bars may not be the best for road users.

For not following tow bar laws, drivers could face penalties.

To ensure that they comply with EU regulations, towbars must be approved by type for each vehicle.

A label with the approval number and specifics of the vehicle for which it was approved will be attached to type approved towbars.

Vehicles that were built before August 1998 are exempt from the requirement to have a type-approved bars.

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