The best Asus laptops are perfect for everything

The best Asus laptops are perfect for everything

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, the wealth of choice can feel positively overwhelming. Now that you know you have a need for a laptop (either for pleasure or work), where are you going to go?

Asus, one of the largest laptop makers in the world is a company worth considering when you’re looking to buy a laptop. The best Asus laptops are available for everyone and every budget. But we didn’t stop there. We know you want to understand the technical specs and get what you are looking for in a laptop. So we have done that. You’ll quickly see the differences between a ZenBook or a ROG Zenphyrus laptop, and everything in-between.

You may be already smitten by one of our best-selling laptops.

What’s the difference in Asus laptop models?

Asus, like many computer manufacturers, offers a variety of laptop models to suit different needs and budgets. Although it can be confusing because the names may not always be as obvious as one might imagine, we are able to give you some insights into their meanings.

ZenBook– One of the most popular ranges from Asus, ZenBooks tend to be thin and lightweight while still being stylish. They are more portable than Apple’s MacBooks and can be carried around easily. These are the all-rounders for the Asus range, but because they are lightweight, they don’t come cheap.

ROG/TUF – Designed for gaming, the TUF Gaming range and ROG (Republic of Gamers), offer powerful performance and great graphics cards. There are also a number of gaming-oriented extras like RGB lighting on the keyboards or other bonuses. Because these systems offer so much power, they tend to weigh a bit more than other premium models.

VivoBook — The VivoBook line looks great and is very slim. It also offers convertible options with some laptops, so your laptop can be used as a tablet or vice versa. These laptops are ideal for mobile productivity.

ExpertBook The ExpertBook series is not the most attractive of laptops, but it’s made with military-grade durability and toughness in mind. They’re also extremely light. This is the laptop for those who work from anywhere.

Chromebook Chromebooks use Chrome OS to store most of the files in the cloud. Although they aren’t powerful, the Chromebooks offer great battery life and allow you to easily access files anywhere.

StudioBook — Although the StudioBook range was created for creative professionals, it is affordable and you can bring a powerful powerhouse wherever you travel. You can expect the most powerful graphics and displays available.

What should you look out for when buying a laptop?

You need to be clear about what you are looking for when shopping for a laptop. It all comes down to how you intend on using the Asus laptop.

Are you looking to play all night or do some complicated photo or video editing? To keep everything running smoothly, you will need a strong CPU and GPU. Below we go into more detail about the requirements for gaming laptops. However, for heavy-duty tasks, a strong CPU is essential. A decent amount RAM is also required. Although most laptops have 8GB RAM, if you are going to multitask a lot you will need 16GB. For general business or productivity purposes, hard drive space shouldn’t be too big an issue as you can store a lot of files on the cloud but again, if you’re editing photos or videos, you’ll need some decent spare capacity.

You should also consider how portable, light, and large your laptop is. It won’t matter if your laptop is kept in your house at all. But if it’s something you have to take with you between school and work, it will be a problem.

Don’t overlook what may seem like an extra when shopping for a laptop. This includes things such as how many USB ports the laptop has and what they can do for you. You should pay attention to the amount of USB ports available on any laptop that you are considering purchasing. Think about what it will do for your requirements. Although you can add more through a USB hub, it’s often not practical. If you intend to transfer photos frequently, be sure to check out features such as an SD card reader.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptop.

There are a few things you should consider when buying a gaming notebook. Gaming laptops are more expensive so make sure to choose the best components.

Everything is dependent on speed. You can enjoy high frame rates, high graphical settings and no lag with a fast gaming laptop. You will need both a strong CPU, also known as a processor, and a fantastic GPU (graphics cards) to do this. The GPU is particularly important as it can improve the quality of textures and anti-aliasing. High RAM can also be useful because it allows you to quickly access your data. A gaming laptop should have 8GB RAM. 16GB would be more desirable.

Because each game uses a large amount of storage space, it is important to have enough. While 512GB should be your minimum, you can go higher if necessary. It should be a solid-state hard drive (SSD), to get faster speeds than a traditional hard drive. It is important to have a good screen with high refresh rates so your games look great on the monitor. Gaming laptops typically have 15.6 inch or 17.3 inches displays. This is important for portability. Gaming laptops don’t have the best portability because they pack a lot.

The keyboard is another important consideration. While comfort is essential, you might also consider a keyboard with RGB lighting. This is useful if your game is in low lighting. If you intend to plug in other devices or controllers, additional ports are a great option.

Which Asus laptop is best?

You now have the information you need to make informed buying decisions. We have done a lot to help you choose the right Asus laptop for you.

These are the top Asus laptops for 2021.

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