The Best Marketing Move I Have Ever Seen: A Teen Jahr

Marketing was once simple.

Marketing was about creating channels and sales materials. It also meant consistency in brand messaging. The Internet changed everything. Marketing became all about memes, SEOs, CRMs, and views.

Marketering in this new, complex world can be confusing and wonky. That is why it was such a delight to find a clever piece of marketing that was promoted in pop culture without requiring any more technology than a felt tip pen.

You’ve probably seen tip jars at places such as Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Even though they are called “college fund”, most contributions seem very sparse.

However, at my Dunkin’ Donuts local, the young man behind the counter set out two tip containers. The one labeled Marvel and the other DC. These two tip jars were filled with cash, which was atypical for most. They could double the salaries of their two children.

The comic refers to the ongoing competition between the two major comic book companies: Marvel (Spiderman and The Hulk and the Avengers), and DC (Batman and Superman and the Suicide Squad). Each nerd has a different opinion on which franchise is best.

Although the controversy has nothing to do coffee, it is why tip jars have become so popular. Many nerds had entered Dunkin’ Donuts and couldn’t resist spending their hard-earned money.

Yes, you are correct. Marvel paid a dime.

It would be great if I could take that clever idea and make it work in marketing and entrepreneurship. However, I do not. However, I have the feeling that the Don Draper will come from the child who invented the tip-jar strategy.

Also, I have a strong feeling that the tip jars at Dunkin’ Donuts next time I visit will bear the labels “Star Trek” or “Star Wars”. That tip-jar strategy will probably get that child through graduate school. columnsists’ opinions are not the views of

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