Why Rabid fans are catching iHeart Media’s Rewatch Podcasts


Why Rabid fans are catching iHeart Media’s Rewatch

iHeart Media recently added almost a dozen rewatch podcasts. Actors can watch shows such as Scrubs and Gilmore Girls with their fans, offering behind-the scenes tidbits and sharing episodes.

Conal Byrne who is responsible for iHeart’s podcast business says that both actors as well as their fans are able to benefit from the increase in rewatch show subscriptions.

Byrne stated in an interview that “you have talents at the top from TV and movies, and they are looking for a path into podcasting.” They may not want to do another vaguely defined chat show. This is an opportunity for them to connect with their old friends, and to set up their own format to host their podcast.

Scrubs stars Zach Braff, Donald Faison and others are examples.

They call their show Fake doctors, Real Friends because they first met each other on set.

Byrne stated that they were searching for an excuse to get together for a few hours each week. This was the best format.

After its launch earlier in the year, Fake Doctors and Real Friends has attracted over 5 million downloads.

Byrne stated that “the reason it happens is because we blasted the show across all our channels in an effort to reach every superfan possible.” It would be a tenth of the show’s audience if we wanted to only use it to get subscribers on our platform.

It’s likeGilmore GirlsThere are fervent fans who watch the comedy/drama that chronicles the struggles of Lorelei Gilmore, a single mother, and Rory Gilmore’s teenage daughter Rory. It was cancelled in 2007 but has been reruns ever since. Netflix__S.23__
RebootedGilmore GirlsIn 2016, for a four-episode limited run. The fans are demanding more episodes.

Scott Patterson, the actor who played Lorelei’s love interest Luke Danes in Gilmore, was still surprised at how well his podcast I Am All In received.

Patterson said in an interview that Patterson knew the fanbase was large and global. Patterson said, “And I believed we would do OK. It was amazing to me that it would be as successful as it is. It was amazing to me when we were ranked number one, and then stayed there for the Anglosphere, then across Europe, and Latin America, for the first few weeks.

Patterson, like other actors doesn’t enjoy seeing himself acting and had not watched Gilmore Girls until he found the podcast.

Patterson stated that he doesn’t care as much about it now, 21 years later. It’s almost like being a completely different person. It’s amazing how much I have changed since that first episode. I now feel comfortable and happy watching others. Because I had been watching it so much, and I spent so much time a day making it, I didn’t want to watch it. When I got home, I wasn’t hungry. “I didn’t have the time.”

Although podcast listening was up during the Pandemics, Byrne does not expect that it will decrease when the worst public-health crisis in over a century is over.

He stated that podcasting “continued to grow essentially unabated over all quarantine, if any accelerated growth which can go on for up to four or five years.” I don’t believe that this slows down as people return to their regular lives. People returning to normal life. “It’s not clear what this looks like.”


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