Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky 'ARE NOT SELLING' $30 million
Byron Bay mansion

Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky ‘ARE NOT SELLING’ $30 million Byron Bay mansion

Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky ARE NOT SELLING THEIR $30M Byron Bay Mega-Mansion’ Despite rumours to the contrary

Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky are reportedly not selling their $30 million home in Byron Bay, despite rumours claiming they planned to offload the property.

According to a report in Confidential on Sunday, a Byron Bay prestige realtor confirmed there is ‘no mention’ of the property coming on the books for sale.

The mega-mansion was also not being “quietly sold” to potential buyers, he said.

Staying put: Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky 'are not selling their $30million Byron Bay mega-mansion', according to a report in Confidential on Sunday

According to Confidential, Chris Hemsworth (Hollywood star) and Elsa Pataky (Majority owner of Byron Bay’s $30 million mega-mansion in Hollywood), they are staying put.

According to the quote, the agent said that he saw every house on the market and was looking for homes. Chris’s home has not been mentioned.

A friend said that widespread media reports about the move were also surprising to him due to the Hemsworth house specifications.

According to a friend, he said that the home had been built according to his family’s specific specifications. It would not be unusual for him to decide to move on now.

Confirmation: 'I see every that is either on the market or coming on the books and there has been no mention of Chris's home yet,' the agent was quote as saying


According to The Courier Mail, the rumours were triggered by reports that A-listers visited a landholding near Lennox Head. __S.21__

The property was eventually sold to Sydneysiders who bought it for $15 million to be used as their holiday home.

Chris and Elsa have completed their massive mansion in Elsa’s backyard earlier in the year. Since then, the price of the home has risen dramatically.

Property experts estimated that the original price tag was $20 million. However, in January, they said that the LA-style property, Broken Head, near Byron Bay in Australia, now stands at $30million.

Surprise: 'That home was built to his family's unique specifications so it would be surprising for him to sell up now,' a pal of the couple said

Surprising: “That house was constructed to his family’s specific specifications, so it would not be surprising for them to sell now,” a friend of the couple stated.

Lloyd Edge, the founder of Aus Property Professionals, and the author of the best-selling book Positively Geared said that the market has appreciated significantly since the demolition and rebuilding of the original home.

Daily Mail Australia was informed by him that he believed the property would sell on the market for as high as $30 million.

The price Mr Edge set was based on several ‘comparables,’ including the selling prices of similar homes within the same area.

A five-bedroom house at 35 Marine Parade with private staircases leading to Wategos beach and an infinity heated pool, which he noted was valued at $22million, had been listed by him.

The property on Lighthouse Road, which is smaller in size, was priced at $9 million. A home with a view of Main Beach in Byron Bay cost $60 million.

He said, “Byron Bay and the surrounding area is now the hottest real estate market in the country.”

“Hemsworth purchased the property for $9million, but spent $18million to build the mansion.”

Chris began construction of the house with his family in late 2017 on what was an 8-bed resort-style home called Kooeloah.

Angrily angry neighbours quickly said that the reconstruction reminded them of an urban shopping center, a renovated RSL club, or a regional airport terminal.

Some people compared it with a multi-storey parking garage.

It’s right up his street! Chris and Elsa built a $210,000 2-lane bowling alley at their home.

A 50-metre roof infinity pool was costing at most $400,000; an indoor mural worth up to $100,000 could also be purchased. The landscaping costs would amount to approximately $500,000.

Fortress Hemsworth’s foundations, which were known as Project 657 BHR on architectural plans, cost the couple $1.5million to 2million.

Jason Natoli is a Sydney-based luxury renovator who found the Broken Head landmark most impressive because of its size.

“It’s incredible,” Mr Natoli stated. You have an infinity swimming pool, five bedrooms, each with five bathrooms, and a huge indoor/outdoor kitchen. There is also a garage that can hold four cars.

“There is a movie room, a massage room and sauna, a steam room, a games room with a bar, as well as a cinema. A mudroom is also available – that’s something I have never seen before.

Americans love to use mud rooms as secondary entry points for their coats, shoes, and other items like umbrellas, bikes and surfboards that are frequently carried into and out of their houses.

You will also find a gym, butler’s pantry and fire pit. There are also change rooms, a play area, and four bedrooms with walk-in closets.

The couple also added a 2-lane bowling alley to their home, which was worth $110,000

Artwork: An enormous mural by Indigenous artist Otis Carey (right) is also featured in the home

Artwork: A huge mural created by Otis Carey, an Indigenous artist (right), is featured in the home.

Fancy: The mural took 140 hours to complete and set the Hemsworths back an estimated $100,000

Fancy: This mural took the Hemsworths 140 hours and cost them an estimated $100,000

The alley has a huge mural from Otis Carey, an Indigenous artist that is estimated to be worth approximately $100,000.

The house, which is located in bushland surrounding it, must have its own water tank for fire fighting and additional access to Rural Fire Service vehicles.

He said that he couldn’t see any provisions for Chris to fly a helicopter.

The average size of a Sydney new home’s floor is 186.3 sqm. However, Hemsworth covers approximately 900 square meters internally.

Although technically the construction is only one-storey high, its staggered floors give it the appearance of being multi-levelled.

Jcorp Construction’s renovation of Roxy Jacenko’s $6.5 million Vaucluse home by Mr Natoli was described as a ‘LA-style mansion’.

Fitness: The mansion also features a gym, which Chris and Elsa use to keep fit

Fitness: Chris and Elsa also use the gym to stay fit.

“It is a beautiful house,” Mr Natoli stated. Technically, it is one-level but the steps have been stepped so that it feels one.

It could be described as an LA-style mansion design. This is a modern LA style, with indoor and outdoor living.

They had designed the house with huge glass doors and windows that opened to the roof deck, which included the pool and bushland.

“When the roof opens, it makes it feel like both outside and inside are one,” Mr Natoli stated.

Fortress Hemsworth is not welcomed by all the locals.

One wrote last year on Facebook, “I thought Byron was Noosafied” and added: “Next level.”

Lovely views: The property, about 12 kilometres out of Byron Bay, is on Broken Head Road and overlooks Seven Mile Beach

Beautiful views: The property is located 12 kilometres from Byron Bay on Broken Head Road. It overlooks Seven Mile Beach.

A woman said that it was obscene and greedy and flashy and vulgar opulence at the best. It has no place among the Byrons I used to love and know.

“A sad indicator of the future due to unfettered, greedy development policy.”

However, Mr Natoli stated that while the home was large in scale, the design of it was simple.

He said, “It’s just one big box.” “It’s not too flashy.” It’s only huge.

This property is located 12 kilometres from Byron Bay and has a view of Seven Mile Beach.

The cost of construction was estimated by Byron Shire Council in a development application that was approved by the council.

The majority of the money went back to the Northern Rivers community. Jason Stehn, a local builder, built the home.

Chris and Elsa share their home with their three children: daughter India, Tristan and Sasha.

Family: Chris and Elsa live at the home with their children, daughter India and twin boys Tristan and Sasha

Families: Chris and Elsa share the house with their daughter India, Tristan and Sasha.


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