Elon Musk tweeted some big personal news

Elon Musk tweeted some big personal news. No one is safe now.Would You Like to Discuss It?

Elon Musk tweeted some big personal news

Scrolling through Elon Musk’s tweets can reveal a lot.

For example, he believes that Apple’s app-store fees are a worldwide tax on the Internet. You also learn that, contrary to reports, he claimed never to have spoken to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

He reveals that, even though he is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and actively participates in many other businesses, he would rather not be CEO.

Musk’s attention on Twitter may not have been surprising to me, as I wrote an entire book about him calledElon Musk has Very Large PlansDownload it here.

But, one thing has stuck with me. It was something we discovered 53 days ago via one of Musk’s tweets. This struck me and many others as significant personal news at that time.

This is the response Musk made to another tweeter’s comment.

SpaceX is my primary residence. I have a house in Boca Chica/Starbase for $50k that I rent. This is a pretty amazing house.

After he claimed that it was an unusual claim, sleuths conducted some research and concluded that he meant a 400-square foot manufactured home that Boxabl had built. This company was founded in turn by Galiano Tiramani and Paolo Tiramani.

The younger Tiramani actually gave a tour of the property in a YouTube video last year. He explained that it had been delivered to Boca Chica for “a top secret customer”.

When I wrote this article a few weeks back, I used the word “almost certain” because Musk had never mentioned it by name and the Tiramanis wouldn’t confirm Musk was their customer in the interviews I conducted.

Three things I did.

To find out if Musk had addressed the issue elsewhere, I first searched everything. If it is, then I haven’t found it.

Next, I reached him on Twitter asking if he would confirm 100 percent that he lives in the Boxabl house. I reached out to him on Twitter asking for confirmation that he lived in Boxabl.

Alas, no reply.

Last week I interviewed Paolo Tiramani from Boxabl. I politely asked him questions, but I was persistent in my search for answers about Musk.

Take, for example:

Me: I’m going to directly ask you. What has everyone else taken up the field to the 50-yard mark? This is where Elon Musk lives. You are right?
Tiramani: Tiramani’s “Outstanding First Hardball Question.” Terrific. It’s amazing. I’m sorry. I’d love to be honest. I would love to be honest. It’s just that I don’t have the time or space to discuss it now.


Me: “Have You Ever Met Elon Musk?”
Tiramani: I can’t respond to any of those.
Me: “A lot of people met Elon Musk. … I know that it’s possible to keep at it.
Tiramani says “Go for It.”

As a former trial lawyer, I found this cross-examination friendly excursion to my memory bank. The video can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

However, I am left wondering: “Why not close the loop?” Galiano Tiramani (his son and cofounder) declined to confirm the incident. He also said nothing in his interviews here and here when I asked him about Musk’s involvement.

We are left with speculation.

It could be related to Boxabl’s capital raise. This was first referenced in SEC filings in January.

Perhaps there is an NDA and Musk has tweeted his living arrangements. Boxabl may not be free or know whether it is free to reveal.

Perhaps it’s Musk’s private life. He’s a father and recently welcomed a son with Grimes, a Canadian musician. It’s not that Musk’s family life is typical, but it is something to think about.

There’s always the possibility that one of us has been misunderstood or taken for a ride without 100% confirmation. There are several reasons why I don’t believe so.

Here’s Paolo Tiramani’s explanation:

  • The first is the Boxabl home in Boca Chica. He said that it was a prototype, but not a production model. It is available for field testing.
  • Boxabl has also acquired a warehouse of 170,000 square feet in Las Vegas. From this, it plans to produce units. Although the company received between 40,000 to 50,000 preorders from customers, only 5-10% of them included financial deposits.
  • He said that Boxabl was currently focusing on its first major contract to construct 156 houses for the U.S. Military in the “coming months”.

Tiramani stated that he isn’t allowed to name the agency but said that it was “for a very serious situation, which, in reality, is a national tragedy.”

We are left with no other options: military housing? What about homelessness? Temporary housing options for those detained at the frontier?

My guesses are as valid as yours. Even though it’s frustrating at times, this is a good illustration of why I find the idea intriguing.

Two things are the Tiramanis’ secret to success. The first is that Boxabl homes can be manufactured in large quantities at factories. Second, their dimensions should match the size of shipping containers.

They can then be transported using the existing infrastructure, such as trucks, trains and ships.

You can see the potential impact on housing markets if Boxabl or any of its inevitable rivals were able scale the prototype.

It doesn’t matter if Musk is involved, but it’s an intriguing idea, regardless of whether he ends up being an investor or a customer.

It would still be fascinating to find out for certain.

We’ll have to monitor his Twitter until then. I’m interested in learning what type of computer he has, when he last shaved, and whether or not he feels like he is racing against time.

(Answer to the last: “Yup.”)

Below is my interview with Paolo Tiramani. The ebook is free!Elon Musk has Very Large PlansYou can find the document here.

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