EU roaming fees are now back in place for O2 and EE customers. Next

This is because an additional charge of PS3.50 for each 1GB of data will be added to your bills. A full HD movie, which can run up to 4GB, will set you back PS14 per night.

25GB of data is not enough unless you stream or play online games for hours. Most customers will never use that much when they travel abroad, so there won’t even be a charge.

O2 stated in TechRadar Pro that less than 1% reach 25GB for occasional trips to Europe. Customers who have exceeded their monthly UK data allowance by 25GB will be subject to a roaming limit of 25GB within our Europe Zone.

This means that they may use 25GB of their allowance without additional cost. We’ll text customers if they approach the limit and then again if it exceeds. Customers can use data even if they exceed our Roaming Limit. However, customers will still be charged PS3.50/GB.

Publited at Sun, 01 August 2021 at 06:26.56 +0000

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