Freddie Mercury: Dee Snider tells the hilarious tale of Queen’s live performance before they became famous

Queen was the opening act at Mott the Hoople before they rose to stardom. Dee Snider was also a future rock star when Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, John Deacon, and Brian May released the self-titled debut album in 1973. spoke exclusively to the Twisted Sister singer, who said he was captivated by the song Liar after hearing it on radio.

Dee said: “Liar came in and I was like, ‘Who the f***?’ From that moment on I became a Queen fan…from Day One.

“I found their first album, and I recall going to New York to see them perform for Mott the Hoople.”

But this was so early in Queen’s career for Freddie Mercury and the band that Dee found himself to be the only one cheering them on.

“I was the sole person at the theatre. Not just cheering. I was on the balcony in my platform shoes, with my huge afro screaming, and standing there in total silence,” the 66-year old remembered.

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Dee claimed that he shouted so loudly his friends became embarrassed at all the unwelcome attention he received.

Twisted Sister’s singer stated that “when you aren’t appreciated as a group, one fan will be worse than none.” It’s embarrassing to have only one fan.

Brian May looked up once to check out the noise from the balcony.

“[I] was the one who was losing his ***!” They were not worth the same value as I did. They were incorrect, and I was correct.”

Dee shared with us that he might be performing live concert again when the touring kicks off next year.

He stated that he would be thrilled to participate in the 2022 return, and to sing You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll.

“And that I believe is truer now than ever… so in time, for sure.”

Leave a Scare by Dee Snider is now available.

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