Here are five top tips for finding a dog kennel owner. Pets on vacation


Here are five top tips for finding a dog kennel owner.
Pets on vacation

Take a look at all the animals that are boarded there

You should inspect the overall condition of the place and take a close look at your pets. Is the facility in good condition? Are your pets happy and healthy?

Here are some things to consider if you choose to have a friend, family member, or agency look after your pet during the summer vacation.

Dr Hughes states: Cats like to have their routines and privacy. They don’t want to leave their homes. If you own a cat, I recommend that someone visit your house if possible.

It all depends on the dog’s personality. However, if they know where they are going, and it is a familiar place, like their family’s home, then that can be a good solution.

If they aren’t likely to leave their environment often, you can keep them inside.

These are some tips for pet owners who want to find a pet sitter.


To give your pet sitter a thorough run-through, bring them over. Discuss feedings, cleaning up litter boxes or giving fish food and what the pet’s daily routine is like.

It’s important to write it down

Make sure to leave instructions in writing. It is important to give written instructions so they have the ability to check if something happens.

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