How do you connect Bluetooth headphones with a PC?


As fun as it is to blast your favorite songs (or Netflix shows) from your PC speakers, it’s generally a no-no for those of us who live with others. A good pair Bluetooth headphones is the answer.

connect Bluetooth headphones with a PC

It is very simple to connect Bluetooth headphones with your Windows PC. There are also a couple of upsides. First, there is no need for a cable to connect your headphones to your computer or laptop tower. Second, it might be possible to move around the room and resume playback without stopping.

Let’s now take you through the simple process of connecting.

Bluetooth is a must for your computer

Action center in action.

Action center in action. Credit: Screenshot: Windows

You wouldn’t want to be able to use your new Bluetooth headphones on a computer that doesn’t support them. Before you rush out to buy the headphones that you have been lusting after, make sure you do your research and verify they will work on the computer you actually use everyday.

It takes only a few seconds. Windows 10 allows you to move your mouse to the bottom-right corner, just to the left of the taskbar’s date and hour. These are the system-level notifications. However, if you click it, the “action centre” will open with several options at the bottom. You can toggle Bluetooth on and off from one of these options. Simply stated, Bluetooth is enabled if it appears in the above image. You are now done!

You can also do it on Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 by opening the Start menu, and entering “Bluetooth” in the search box. You’ll be able to navigate to the menu that says “Bluetooth, other devices” if you do. If you bought your Windows desktop or laptop several years ago, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you fall into the no-Bluetooth camp, you can get a USB Bluetooth transmitter for less than $15.

How do you connect Bluetooth headphones with a PC?

Go here to add a Bluetooth device.

Go here to add a Bluetooth device. Credit: Screenshot: Windows

Here’s the best part. This is the fun part. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps in Windows 10 and you should be able to enjoy your music without bothering your roommates or neighbors:

  1. You can navigate to Windows Bluetooth using the action center located next to the date/time on your taskbar. Or, you could search for Bluetooth in the Start Menu. Turn Bluetooth on if it is not turned on.
  2. Pairing mode is a must. You might find a button to do this or a less obvious command. You can consult the manual if you are unsure.
  3. Select “Add Bluetooth device or Bluetooth” Select “Bluetooth” from the next screen.
  4. Your headphones must be set up in pairing mode if everything goes according to plan. They should also appear on your computer’s Bluetooth device list. Next, click on the name of your device and then click “Connect.”

Windows 8.1 is slightly different but the process remains similar. Pair the headphones, then go to Bluetooth settings.

If everything went well, you should pair your Bluetooth headphones to your computer. This is it! It’s even easier to do these steps only once. Once you have completed the above, turn the headphones near the PC on again and the headphones should connect.

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