Marvel’s Avengers free weekend attracts thousands Get involved in PC

Marvel’s Avengers has a weekend-long free trial on Steam, PlayStation and Stadia to celebrate Black Panther’s arrival. The free trial weekend for Marvel’s Avengers began on the 29th of July and will end today on the 1st of August. This has sent PC gamers crazy about this action-packed game.

SteamDB (thanks to TheGamer) shows that the game typically has only around a handful of hundred concurrent users. However, the freeplay event set a peak 24-hour time period of 10,161 gamers – there are 10,121 players online at the time.

Although it doesn’t reach the same heights as its launch, Marvel’s Avengers reached almost 32,000 Steam users when it launched last September. This is a significant spike for a title that has struggled to even get 1000 concurrent PC gamers online.

As Matt explained earlier this week, on top of 40 per cent off the game throughout the free play event – putting the price at around PS18 on Steam and PS27 on consoles (Xbox is included here, even though there’s no freeplay event for Xbox players just yet) – Square is also offering a 400 per cent experience bonus for players over the weekend, and a 50 per cent discount sale for the in-game Marketplace.

ICYMI, the team recently revealed that “every object we could interact with in Marvel’s Avengers’ War of Wakanda update “will have their own look in the War for Wakanda expansion, including new Chests and Wall Run platforms, and showed off the games’ “verticality”, too.

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