OKC Thunder Sets To Rebuild Around Jumbo Guard duo

OKC Thunder Sets To Rebuild Around Jumbo Guard duo

OKC Thunder Sets To Rebuild Around Jumbo Guard duo

The Oklahoma City Thunder are continuing to manage their rebuild and took a big step forward in last week’s draft.

Shai Gilgeous Alexander is expected to sign an extension of his max contract with the Thunder in the next few weeks. However, it’s important to remember that his backcourt partner is crucial. This partner was selected after Josh Giddey was selected sixth in the 2021 NBA Draft.

Gilgeous Alexander and Giddey quickly became one of the most interesting young guard duos within the NBA.

Giddey, who was the Adelaide 36ers’ dominant ball handler in Australia last year, has never had the opportunity to play alongside Gilgeous-Alexander.

Giddey said that he didn’t play in Australia with another point guard. He had the ball in his hands 90% of the time because the three other guys were more non-ball dribbling than the two we had. It’s great to play with Shai. This takes away the pressure from me that I have to manage the ball constantly. He’s an amazing talent and a bright young man. Playing the game will enhance my game.

Oklahoma City has gone all-in as the NBA moves towards positionless play. Both Gilgeous Alexander, at 6’6 and Giddey, at 6’9 respectively will be a matchup nightmare for opposing teams. Despite the fact that the game has become more positionless both players have the ability play all three positions: small forward, point guard, and small forward.

They are projected to be one of the top rebounding guards within the league in 2021-22 because of their height

Both are very young in their career, Giddey at 18, and Gilgeous Alexander at 23. Both are intelligent, young and highly intelligent players.

Things should go smoothly next season in OKC when it comes to facilitating offense. These two young players are able to excel on and off the court, which makes them both effective no matter where they’re on the court. Both are selfless and provided high assists numbers last season for their teams.

The duo doesn’t need to be able to score to make an impact on the game. Many young league players are too narrow-minded in their view of the upsides they can bring to the team. Gilgeous Alexander and Giddey are able to do anything on the court. This helps their team win, regardless of whether or not they score.

The Australian star had an average of 10.9 points and 7.5 assists per game in the NBL last season.

This is why Gilgeous-Alexander’s scoring has been improved and he has proven that he can score a basket for his team when needed. Last season, he was the NBA’s top-25 scorer and one of four players to average 20+ points per match on splits 50/40/80. He had the league’s highest unassisted percentage, and playing with Giddey will only enhance his scoring options.

Giddy is a more pass-first player to this point. However, he could become more scoring-oriented as he moves up the ranks in the NBA. Although his shot mechanics may not be the best, that isn’t his biggest problem. Gilgeous Alexander, his backcourt partner, started out in the same boat. However, he has made significant improvements to his form over his three professional seasons.

As the Thunder continue to build their roster around these two players, the Thunder will have flexibility with how they can build it over the coming half-decade. Oklahoma City may still be able to acquire its number one scorer via draft or trade, and use Gilgeous Alexander and Giddey for their second and third choices.

We’ve witnessed Gilgeous Alexander become the Thunder’s top scorer during a season in which the Thunder play alongside veteran players.

While it will take some time to get acquainted in the backcourt, the young duo of Shai-Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddy has the chance to become special with how they compliment one another.

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