Review of Suicide Squad IMAX: Unreal fun on the largest screen

They are all very present here and they (more or less correct) but the project also freed Gunn from any PG- (and frankly PC-) Marvel restrictions. Gunn’s vision is wild, with gore and language that splatters as Gunn breaks them off. The entire movie is remade for IMAX.

Suicide Squad, nominally, is a sequel to David Ayer’s 2016 franchise launcher The Suicide Squad. In exchange for reduced sentences, we are still dealing with Belle Reve’s criminal and often insane inmates. They join Task Force X which is a covert government organization.

They are sent to South American Island Corto Maltese, to take down a Nazi secret facility which has been carrying out increasingly deadly experiments for many decades. It turns out that nothing is as it appears from the start. It’s no surprise that Viola Davis’ duplicitous Amanda Waller runs the operations and is even more brutal than before.

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Margot Robbie is back as Harley Quinn’s off-off girlfriend, The Joker. She’s as joyfully and psychotically delicious as ever. Joel Kinnaman’s dark Rick Flagg balances her, and provides the moral basis of the movie.

John Cena, the irony-free and muscle-bound Peacemaker is a new addition to this series. He’s an antihero who will fight for justice no matter what cost. IdrisElba, a deadly marksman and mercenary with troubled relationships with his daughter, brings his entire droll world-weariness with him to Bloodsport. The first film was Will Smith’s Deadshot.

The narrative is heavily influenced by parent issues. Daniela Melchior’s Ratcatcher 2 (she has the ability to control all rats), and David Dastmalchian’s melancholy Polka-Dot Man, (he literally shoots acid polka-dots out of his body) are two examples. Both have painful pasts. Melchior is particularly impressive in carrying the emotional weight of the movie.

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Gunn’s track record with betting on comicbook villains and heroes is impressive, particularly one that barely speaks like Groot from Guardians. It’s Sylvester Stallone, the increasingly beloved monosyllabic King Shark. This killer shark is a walking shark and will happily eat anyone who’s nearby if he’s got “num nums.”

There are also cameos from Nathan Fillion and Sean Gunn.

The villains are what make it a bit weak. Peter Capaldi portrays The Thinker. He is an allegedly exceptionally smart scientist who has syringes stuck to his head. Starro, a giant starfish from space that can control the mind of its owner is his grand project. Starfish can be seen as slang to refer to anus in the film.

This may be the line where audiences will choose to either enjoy the sight of an enormous rampaging echinoderm pushing buildings down or not.

It is quite predictable, despite the fact that it takes great pride in its subversiveness and freedom. You quickly realize that it is better to not get attached to people, particularly when you have had an iconic ‘hero’ moment. We also saw the brutal wiping outs of entire teams in recent movies, such as Deadpool 2.

The same goes for the plot. Despite its disregard for traditional plot points and ordinary morality, it remains rooted in sentimentality, moral justice, and manipulatively ensures that those characters for whom we are most attached survive.

It is more difficult to decide on tone, and how you will be gleefully flouting any notions of ‘political correctness. Although Harley Quinn’s sexuality is obvious, Presidente General Luna, a muscular and sexy Juan Diego Botto, is just as guilty. John Cena is bulging across the screen wearing his tight whites. The general’s secretary’s constantly moving bosom is making me uncomfortable. It was a sly comment on the outdated depictions of women, but it seemed sniggeringly redundant.

Unfortunately, many of the jokes didn’t work, even though the movie blatantly and rather smugly winked at us, encouraging us to get them.

It’s entertaining, and it moves at an acceptable pace. The film’s wafer thin bonkers plot, gleeful muggering and dull dialogue make it seem less than its parts. This was a bit disappointing for me.


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