Simone Biles Retires from the Floor Final

Simone Biles Retires from the Floor Final, as she Battles for theTwisties

It is a difficult decision.Simone Biles She will be unable to compete in any other event at Tokyo Olympics because she is battling dangerous twisties.

“Simone has withdrawn from the event final for floor and will make a decision on beam later this week,” USA Gymnastics announced on Saturday, July 31.

A message of support was added by the organization to the 24-year-old struggling. The message said, “Either you choose, we are all behind your, Simone.”

Simone Biles Retires from the Floor Final
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Fans around the globe were shocked when Biles pulled out of the team final Tuesday July 27 due to mental health issues. The Olympian was said to be dealing with mental health issues, and it was later revealed that she is suffering from the twisties, a dangerous issue for gymnasts.

The twisties are how athletes describe losing control of their bodies as they spin through the air. This is essentially a disconnection between mind and body that can cause disaster. Biles could not only be putting Team USA at risk of a gold medal but it is also a significant safety risk. Biles may be severely injured if she does not land properly.

Biles stated that he didn’t quit because of a poor performance on Thursday, 29 July. I’ve seen many bad performances in my life, and this competition was the best. My safety and the team medal were at stake when I got lost. Therefore the girls stepped up and killed the rest of the competition & won silver QUEENS!!! ”

ItCourage to SoarAuthor stated that the reason for having 4 members was to “make it easier.”Sunisa Lee,Jordan ChilesAndGrace McCallum Biles sat on the sidelines, while Biles carried on.

Elle continued: “I don’t know how I got on to that vault. If you take a look at my pictures and my eyes, you will see how lost I am about where I’m in the air.”

She said that she had suffered from the twisties in the past, and there is no way to predict when this will resolve. In the past, this mental block could last for weeks.

The Ohio native resigned from the final team of the Ohio State University football teams.Competitions for vault and uneven barsThis is. Lee (18 years old) took the bronze medal at the first whileMyKayla SkinnerAt the last, he was awarded silver.

Skinner was 24 years old when she thought that her Olympic dream and athletic career were over. She didn’t get high enough marks in the qualifying round. She planned to go home after not qualifying to compete and having already announced that she’d retire after the Olympics, but she stayed in Japan at Biles’ request.

Simone is my medal. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her,” she told reporters via NPR. She said that I was going to do this for her. “Don’t do this for me. Do it for you.” Technically, it is for everyone.

Biles will be replaced at the final floor on Monday August 2nd by someone not yet decided. Biles is yet to decide if she will take part in the balance bean final.

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