Spain holidays: Costa del Sol tourist resorts under new
Police lockdown

Spain holidays: Costa del Sol tourist resorts under new Police lockdown

Spain holidays: Costa del Sol tourist resorts under new
Police lockdown

Due to the increased incidence of coronavirus infection, two of Spain’s top Costa del Sol resorts have been placed under lockdown. Marbella’s new nighttime curfew of 2am-7am will be in effect for Marbella, Estepona starting from yesterday at 2am.

Officials reported 15 violations on Saturday, despite the increased police presence.

One shop was therefore closed.

According to a spokesperson, it was “a difficult night”.

Court ruled the measures were necessary and appropriate to safeguard the public’s health from the disease.

The tightened regulations were added to the restrictions on fundamental freedoms. In both cities, the occupancy rate for acute care beds was 21 percent.

This level is considered “critical” and requires intensive care.

According to the court, “restrictions on mobility in the early morning do not hinder the exercise of individual rights and are beneficial for controlling the spread of the disease.”

Andalusia’s Regional Government says that it will adopt similar measures in other areas of Costa del Sol, and elsewhere, if there is a continued rise in coronavirus cases.

Spain saw a steady increase in the number of cases during July.

Worldometers reports that there were 24753 cases of new injury and 44 deaths in Spain between July 30th and July 31st.

A new warning has been issued by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to Britons who are planning on visiting this country.

They may also be subject to quarantine at a Spanish hotel if they are found positive for HIV while they’re abroad.

Britons cannot return to the UK unless they pass a negative coronavirus testing.

The FCDO warns that you may be allowed to stay in the same accommodation as before, or need to be transferred to a government-provided facility.

You may need to pay for accommodation while you wait for your transfer.

Your accommodation’s nature may be different from what you have booked for your hotel, villa, or other place of residence.

The document states that the UK government won’t pay mandatory quarantine fees for British citizens.

Additional reporting from Rita Sobot.

Publited at Sun, 01 August 2021 13:54.08 +0000

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