You must be familiar with the rules of dog driving – How to make your pet happy This summer, get in your car

Google search volume for dog car rules has increased dramatically in the past week. As the British prepare to travel for summer staycations in the UK, this is a good sign.

Do not drive in an awkward or jerky manner. This could scare your dog, and cause them to be less willing to go on the next trip.

To reward your pet for being an excellent travel companion, make sure to bring their favorite treats.

The perfect solution is a chewable, long-lasting snack for your journey. Or you could just give them small treats every now and again.

MINI UK has joined forces with Dogs Trust to prepare for the summer of dogs and humans.

We are proud to say that MINI’s four-legged customers enjoy being in them as much as we do. So, it was a great experience letting all sizes of dogs test our vehicles.

“As we continue our partnership, we look forward to working closely with Dogs Trust in order to support our MINI customers and dog-loving clients throughout the car-buying and ownership process. As we aim to be the UK’s only dog-friendly retailer,

MINI UK will welcome dogs to their stores with doggy equipment like bowls and mats. MINI also works with Dogs Trust Canine Behavior Experts to help educate customers on the best practices for safe, happy car rides.

Dr Jenna Kiddie is Head of Canine Behaviour at Dogs Trust. She says: “As Britain’s biggest dog welfare charity, MINI’s mission to become fully dog-friendly is a joy.”

It’s important to make sure your car suits your whole family. This includes your four-legged companion, who may have different safety and needs.

MINI is an iconic brand that understands the dog owner’s needs. MINI can be trusted to keep their dogs safe and comfortable on the roads.

The Highway Code Rule 57 states that drivers are responsible for ensuring dogs and other animals remain in a vehicle.

They can’t distract you or injure yourself during an emergency stop.

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