Amber watchlist for travel: Are you able to travel with this watchlist? Countries? Spanish holiday fears

The Government has created travel lists that have been used to guide holidays in the past few months. There are three types of travel lists that exist, each with different restrictions. However, a “watchlist” category exists that is used by ministers to identify when they want tighter rules.

Are you able to travel to countries on your “watchlist?”

The amber travel guide is identical for vaccinated persons to the minimal-measures green version.

The amber-listed countries allow them to return home without any quarantine or minimal testing.

The green “watchlist”, which is a relative new addition, can be found between amber and green.

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Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, has not ruled it out. Other ministers supported the idea.

Sky News’ Matt Warman, minister for digital infrastructure spoke today to say that it will allow individuals to make informed choices with the watchlist.

He said that people should remember “other countries can be in different positions.”

All three parties, Labour backbenchers and experts in the holiday industry have reacted negatively to this prospect.

Paul Charles, the chief executive officer of The PC Agency travel consulting, said it would be “a disaster”.

Anneliese Dodds, Labour Party Chair, said that the government must not create more confusion or chaos.

She stated: “What the Labour Party has been saying for many months is that the Conservative Government needs to be transparent and open. They need to actually publish the data they use to make their decisions.

They should also be seeking international agreement on vaccine passports. We haven’t seen any evidence that this has been happening.

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