Apex Legends Update: Season 10 Emergence Release Date
Notes for the Seer

Apex Legends Update: Season 10 Emergence Release Date Notes for the Seer

Apex Legends Update: Season 10 Emergence Release Date
Notes for the Seer

Developers Respawn Entertainment confirmed its update time plans for Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence.

Rampage, a new weapon that can be used to destroy enemies and the World’s Edge map will make its debut.

Large swathes will be affected by the map changes. Months of mining aggressively on World’s Edge have left the area overmined and overburdened. The land has been pushed to the limit.

Respawn says that the earth fractured and erupted. Hammond used the Climatizer in order to quickly cool the area down to below zero temperatures.

A new Lava Siphon will be added to stabilize the caldera. It is connected via gondolas and has many new battle areas.

Respawn has revealed that the Rampage weapon is set to change the meta.

Rampart’s newest creation, Rampage LMG (Low-Motion Gun Machine), explodes on the scene with no chill.

This powerful heavy-powered LMG ammo LMG packs a big punch. While the Rampage is great at combat in mid-range, it struggles to perform well up close due to its slower firing rate.

Rampart was not one to accept weakness. He managed to alter the Rampage’s internal combustion system with what else? Thermite

The Rampage’s chamber is equipped with a special thermite gasket that can be loaded into it. This will increase the fire rate, and Legends are free to go on an…


Developers Respawn Entertainment announced that Apex Legends will be updated at 6pm BST on Tuesday August 3.

Season 9 Legacy of Apex Legends for North American gamers will be available at 10 AM PST on Nintendo Switch and PS4, Xbox, Xbox, and PC.

Respawn added this message: “See the Apex Legends: Emergence have in store tomorrow, August 3, at 10am PST.

We’re now introducing Ranked Arenas with the Emergence update! Your journey begins in Ranked Arenas with 10 placement matches. The results of these matches will decide your Match Marking Ranking (MMR), and your starting rank. The MMR variance can be wider at first, so it is possible that your 10 placement matches will not go according to plan. Your MMR determines your placement.

Ranked Arenas are a head to head fight between two teams, and so the awarding Ranked Arenas points is less complicated than for the Battle Royale with 20 players. There is no entry fee and no AP to kills. It all comes down to winning. “

Also, early patch notes were shared which confirm all that is happening behind-the scenes.

The Prowler will be returning to floor loot and the M600 Spitfire will take its place. The Alternator SMG will join the Spitfire’s supply drop this season.

You can find other character changes in the Apex Legends official patch notes below:


Seer sees opportunities other Legends may miss with microdrones, and he seizes them in a beautiful and artistic way.

  • Passive – Heart Seeker: When aiming at targets, visualize and hear the heartbeats nearby enemies to find their position. Even without a weapon, Seer can “ADS” with no weapons.
  • Tactical: Focus of Attention: You can summon microdrones that emit a concentrated, delayed blast which penetrates walls and reveals enemies. They can also interrupt their actions.
  • Ultimate – Show: Make a microdrone sphere that shows the movements of enemy soldiers firing weapons or moving fast.
  • Class Passive: The Recon class uses scanning survey beacons to locate the location of the next circle.


  • Fuse’s Motherlode Ultimate’s ring of fire contains enemies that are being revealed to Fuse.
  • Knuckle Cluster Tactical Explosion Duration increased by 100%
  • To throw or use normal Grenadier Passive, toggle the switch on and off.


  • After the Black Hole initial pull, the speed was reduced.
  • Bumped Horizon gravity lift up speed to a happy middle between Legacy update launch values and 9.1


  • Other players can now see/hear a visual or audio cue that Death Totem Protection is ending.
  • After being recalled by Death Totem, a short slow was added.


  • The first sign of gas damage is at 5 and continues to increase by 1 each tick.
  • Tactical Cooldown has been reduced to 25s ->20s
  • The ultimate cooldown was reduced from 3.5m to 3m. Reduced duration from 20s to 15s

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