Evander Kane, Hockey Player Denies Claims of Wife He Bets On His NHL Games

Evander KaneThe wife of a soldierAnna KaneMrs., has made serious accusations against her husband as a hockey player, alleging that he had lost NHL games to fund his gambling addiction.

How can the NHL allow a compulsive gambler to continue playing when he is clearly playing games for money? “Hmm, maybe somebody needs to address that,” Anna (29), who claims she is pregnant with their second child, posted via Instagram Stories Saturday, July 31 along with a copy Casino gambling for Dummies. Can someone please ask Gary Bettman about how they allowed a player to gamble on their own games?” You can win and bet with the bookies in his games.

Anna and Evander have a 12-month-old girl, Kensington. According to media reports, she filed for divorce July 16th, several months after Evander filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January amid $27 million in debt.

You also tell me that the bank is taking our home. She claimed that she did not return home to pack for her pregnant wife, nor do you come back to assist with any other tasks. However, they have sufficient money to travel to Europe to stay at hotels and enjoy dinners each night. You force me to sell my marriage ring every night to make ends meet, and I don’t have the money to buy your daughter’s formula.

Evander took to Twitter to defend himself and called his ex-wife’s allegations “false” the next day.

He wrote that he had never gambled or bet on Hockey. The facts show that I had the best year of my professional career and was my most consistent throughout all seasons. I am proud of this. It is a passion for hockey that I would not do anything like what has been alleged. “I look forward to fully cooperating with the league’s investigations, getting my name cleared, and looking forward for this season.”

Anna’s claims prompted the NHL to launch an investigation, with the league telling ESPN: “The integrity of our game is paramount and the League takes these allegations very seriously.”

Evander’s managerKarl MullinsIn the meantime, they toldThe New York PostHe stated that Anna has been “advise not to speak” about Anna’s allegations, noting the fact that they are “just having issues” and that Evander will share more information “after the investigation is completed.”

Evander addressed Anna’s concerns about Evander’s parenting after he made his original statement.

I love my daughter. My daughter is my priority. I have always taken good care of her. He wrote via Twitter that he had always ensured her mother had all she needed. I have attempted to calmly and civilly de-escalate the divorce proceedings and keep them as peaceful and calm as possible. FaceTime calls have been tried but I am not able to do so every day due to her mother’s restrictions. I have not been able to visit her, and she has tried to leverage my daughter’s absence. “I will always be there for my family. That goes without saying.”

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