Fortnite update 17.30 patch notes, server downtime, GRABI-TRON, abduction, Ariana Grande

Fortnite Battle Royale fans are counting down to the release of update 17.30.

Epic Games has returned to action after a brief break during the beginning of summer. They are releasing updates on mobile, consoles and PC.

Along with the new update, there will be some server downtime in August 3rd.

At 6.30 AM BST UK Time, the servers will be offline. At 7am, the game will be completely offline.

Fans can still expect to see the game back online at 10 AM BST, although there is no end date for server maintenance.

Epic Teaser Tweet: The new update will include the GRABIRON weapon.

Epic tweeted, “Get ready for the new update that we are pushing,” Epic has announced that Fortnite v17.30 will be released on August 3. Services will be temporarily disabled to prepare for the update. 01:30 AM ET (05:30 UTC).”

Epic, in addition to the GRABIRON weapon, will also lay the foundations of the Ariana Grande concert and the UFO abduction.

Below is a complete list of patch notes for update 17.30.

Fortnite Update 17.30 General Fixes…

*Some Wraps may not be displayed properly in the Show Your Style Set.

Some wraps that contain animated or reactive elements might not be displayed properly in the Show Your Style collection. All known problems will be fixed in future builds. We’ll continue to monitor for new issues as they arise.

* Vehicle radios are not compatible with the Radio

Radios in vehicles might not work.

* Incapable of performing Last Forever Emote.

After selecting the Last Forever Emote, players may not be able to use it.

Fortnite update 17.30 Battle Royale Fixes…

* Erratical driving of vehicles, due to player in Control being in Prop State.

Vehicles may drive uncontrollably if the Prop state is maintained by the person in charge.

If a Bounty has been poached, * Cosmic Chest Timers could remain onscreen.

If they possess an active Bounty, players may see the Cosmic Timer continue at 0:00.

Fortnite Update 17.30 Creative Fixes

* Latency problems on XL Islands

– Latency problems when you build on an XL Island are a problem in Creative Mode.

* Crash Pads are not able to bounce players if they touch them.

– A problem is being investigated that causes players not to bounce when they touch the center of a crashpad.

*Grass in Epic Settings

Dark shadows are visible in Grass Epic settings.

* The “Destroyed With Transmit” button on the vehicle did not trigger an explosion.

When ‘Is Decelerated with Transmit’ is ON, a vehicle’s explosion will not be properly activated.

* ATKs jitter and bounce unexpectedly upon starting to drive.

ATKs can bounce while driving. We are investigating the issue.

* Too much vehicle memory

We are investigating a problem that causes vehicles using Creative mode to consume more memory than they were intended.

Fortnite Update 17.30 Switch and Mobile Fixes…

Rift Tour Tab: *White Rectangle

Our team is investigating a problem that causes a white rectangle on the Rift tour tab.

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