Halo announcer gives Crucible line readings to Destiny 2 fans Cameo

Bungie has some great announcers for PvP. Halo Infinite’s weekend multiplayer beta will be familiar with the set of gravely toned comments of its commentator. However, Lord Shaxx from Destiny 2 has been an old favourite among space-game fans. One Destiny 2 fan has created a cross-over.

Reddit user Baaguuette realised that Halo veteran Jeff Steitzer was on an app called Cameo, meaning they could get a personalised short video for a price. Reddit user asked Steitzer to read from Destiny 2: The Crucible and Iron Banner. These results were as good as one would expect.

Steitzer will do anything to get it done, uttering lines like “seventh columns”, “tell them they should line up faster”, or “I could feel it in my bones”. Steitzer’s rendition of “delightful”, which is an evocative word, is one of my favorite lines. It is delightful, you could even say.

The video is available below.

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We gave the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta a whirl ourselves and came away reasonably impressed. The next Halo game is a great time for lapsed fans to get back in the action.

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