Kathy Griffin is in recovery after undergoing lung cancer surgery. Well’

It was a sigh of relief.Kathy GriffinAfter having surgery to remove a portion of her left lung, she is now in recovery.Us WeeklyYou can verify.

“Surgery went as planned,” a spokesperson for the comedian, aged 60, told US in an August 2 statement. Kathy is currently in recovery and sleeping. The doctors say that the entire procedure went as planned without any unexpected outcomes.

Earlier in the day, the Emmy winner revealed that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer despite never being a smoker and was about to have surgery.

Kathy Griffin Recovery After Lung Cancer Surgery Went Well
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“I have to share something with you guys. “I have cancer”, the suddenly Susan alumni wrote via Twitter. I’m going to surgery to remove half my left lung. Although I don’t smoke, yes I do have lung cancer.

The surgery will eliminate any need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation, she said. She explained that the doctors were optimistic because it was stage one. It is possible that there will be no radiation or chemo after the procedure and my breathing should return to normal. In a matter of a month, I will be back to normal and should be able to run around like usual. “It’s been quite a journey for me over the past four years. I tried to return to work and make you laugh, so it was a lot of fun. But, I am gonna be fine.”

Kathy Griffin Recovery After Lung Cancer Surgery Went Well
Kathy Griffin sent this note to her Instagram fans.

This was the Illinois native.The aftermath of the controversial 2017 photoshootThat showed her with the severed head.Donald Trump. As a result, the following picture is available:She lost her job and cancelled all of her toursThey turned to painkillers for their comfort.

“I was shocked to hear that you don’t drink. “Big deal. I take two pills every now and then, but who does?” Griffin stated in an interview on Nightline. It aired Monday. My age played a major role in it. Who tries to live their lives at 59 when they are exhausted? This is almost funny. And it will be hilarious one day. You can trust me, I laughed to keep alive. What I discovered was that if I couldn’t make people laugh then I didn’t have a purpose to exist. I don’t have a reason to live.

During this period, the Grammy winner admitted that she considered self-harm after she received death threats and her work continued to dry up.

She told Nightline that she began to think about suicide as a result of my pill addiction. I started to believe it was the right decision. My living trust was in place. All my ducks were in order. The entire note was written by me.

Her husband was her support,Randy BickShe got sober and is now determined to beat her cancer battle.

She explained that “the irony of it all isn’t lost on me that, just over a year back, all I wanted was to die.” Now, I want to live.”

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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