Natalie Gruzlewski, Farmer Wants A Wife’s host, is rumored to be a “tipped for” huge pay rise’

After Farmer Wants A Wife was a hit with viewers this year, Natalie Gruzlewski from Farmer’s Wife is being ‘tipped’ for a big pay raise

Farmer Wants a Wife has been a huge success for Channel Seven this year.

Due to the combination of romance, drama and happy endings, this rural-themed dating program received consistently high ratings during its July run.

The network has now reportedly decided to reward long-serving host Natalie Gruzlewski with a pay rise, according to New Idea on Monday.

The big winner: Farmer Wants a Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski is 'tipped for a huge pay rise' after the dating show was a ratings hit for Channel Seven this year, reports New Idea

Big winner: Farmer Wants A Wife’s host Natalie Gruzlewski, who is being ‘tipped to receive a large pay increase’ following the success of her dating program on Channel Seven.

According to insiders, Natalie, 44 years old is in a strong bargaining position due to FWAW’s high ratings compared with Nine’s Beauty and the Geek and Ten’s The Bachelor.

Sources claim that the ratings made Channel Seven happy, and Nat is now in a prime position to get a higher fee.

The couple added that Natalie is the “glue that keeps the show together”, even in the face of the many controversies, including the criminal prosecutions against one farmer and the scandal surrounding a love-child affair.

FWAW: Natalie, 44 years old is the glue that keeps the show together. According to insiders, Natalie’s bargaining power comes from FWAW’s high ratings compared with Nine’s Beauty and the Geek and Ten’s The Bachelor. The farmers in this season’s FWAW.

According to the industry source, Natalie was instrumental in bringing back the series after being’rested for’ several years.

Eureka Productions was the production house behind Farmer Wants a Wife. According to reports, they had ‘little interest in’ green-lighting Farmer Wants a Wife without Natalie.

The insider said that she knew her value and understood what it meant for her to bring to the table.

'She knows her worth': One industry source claimed Natalie's involvement in the series was crucial to bringing it back after it was previously 'rested' for several years

“She knows her worth”: A source in the industry claimed that Natalie’s participation in the series helped bring it back to life after being’retired’ for many years.

Farmer Wants A Wife still has one episode. Its reunion special will air in the next month.

Seven confirmed that the reunion would be shown on August 11, at 7:30pm. This will give viewers an update on their favorite farmers’ love story.

Some contestants are already worried about the outcome after Hayley Love was reportedly pregnant by farmer Will Dwyer.

Seven confirmed that the FWAW Reunion will be screened on August 11, at 7:30pm. After the news that Hayley Love is pregnant with Will Dwyer, it is expected to become an uncomfortable affair for many contestants.


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