Official documentary title of Led Zeppelin: “Film had unparalleled access to the band”

Originally announced in 2019, the officially authorised Led Zeppelin documentary is now ready. Today, Bernard MacMahon, director of the film’s feature-length version, announced that it will be called “Becoming Led Zeppelin”. The special project saw band members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page grant unprecedented access.

It is the first time in fifty years that Led Zeppelin has participated in a documentary about their band.

MacMahon stated: “Becoming Led Zeppelin was a movie that nobody thought possible.”

The band was a meteoric success story that was almost undocumented.

This story can finally be told after years of hard work and a thorough search around the world.

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Although Becoming Led Zeppelin is now complete, there are still no release dates.

The documentary will feature the three remaining members of the band as talk heads. It also includes rare archive footage from John Bonham who was killed in 1980.

This project is from American Epic’s award-winning filmmakers.

Plant revealed last week that he has been dreaming about Bonham and his son Karac since the death of Bonham.

Plant shared that he has been in great places when he is asleep.

According to the 72-year old, “And now, I have to go back to where it was. I am making my way through these incredible landscapes.”

He spoke also of the great company that he had during lockdown from his neighbours.

Star said that he was really fortunate because his next door neighbor, 100ft from me, who used to play with Bonzo [Bonham] back in the 60s – is still there. It’s a group. The farmer, who was born in my house and whose family also owned it, is over the street. We’re now best friends – we have card schools that continue on for ever!

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