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PS Now August Games revealed Today by Sony as part of their plan to Drop These PS4 games

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PS Now August Games revealed Today by Sony as part of their plan to Drop
These PS4 games

August 2 will see Sony announce its new selection of PS4 games for the PlayStation Now streaming service.

These new titles, along with two other titles that were removed from PS Now’s library, will also be made available for play on August 3.

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Although it is not known how many titles will be announced today, you can be sure that at least three will.

The first title will be an independent title. Other titles could come from any third-party or first-party partner.

However, whatever game is revealed it will be difficult to match July’s announcements.

Sony went wild last month, offering Red Dead Redemption 2, Nioh 2 and Judgment to be the headliner.

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The tech company also revealed God of War, Moving Out and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 as surprise additions.

It is remarkable for its sheer volume, and the inclusion of so many AAA titles makes it even more impressive.

Red Dead Redemption 2 can only be played via PS4 or PS5 consoles.

Anyone using a computer will not be able to stream the game. They can choose from six other titles.

It’s difficult to predict what announcements will follow such an incredible crop of games.

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August may be quiet, as Sony will focus more on indie titles and less on big reveal events.

Sony may choose to offer game streaming as an attractive option for existing subscribers, despite it becoming more competitive.

And, unlike last month’s leak, no significant leaks have occurred. We will need to wait to see what the plans are until then.

Expect the new information to arrive before 5pm BST. It will also be posted via a blog post similar to how we reveal news about PlayStation Plus.

The new games will become available for play around August 3rd, possibly at the same time that the monthly PlayStation Store update.

We also know at least two of the games that will disappear from the lineup in the same day.

Jump Force and WWE 2K Battlegrounds will both be replaced by the new Jump Force on Tuesday August 3rd 2021. Full descriptions are available below.

Jump Force

The world is a new battlefield for some of Manga’s most beloved heroes. The Jump Force is a uniting force to combat the greatest threat. It will be the destiny of all humankind. You can create your avatar to join the Jump Force and fight alongside manga heroes such as Naruto and Bleach. You can also visit the Online Lobby and challenge others players to discover many modes and activities.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

WWE’s world is full of arcade-style action. Watch your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends fight in interconnected environments all over the globe. You can unlock new characters and Battlegrounds as you play through the story mode. You can compete using power-ups and special abilities in match types such as Steel Cage and Royal Rumble. You can compete against other players around the globe in Online Tournaments, or claim the title of King of Battleground! You can also battle your friends in multiplayer local play and win!

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