PS Plus August 2021: Great news for PS4 and Xbox One users PlayStation 5 Gamers

This week, new PS Plus games will launch. They’ll be available on both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Sony’s 2021 track record is impressive. They have offered some great games such as Days Gone and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

On August 3, Hunter’s Arena, Legends, Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville and Tennis World Tour 2 are the next PS Plus games.

As Sony does not have any exclusives for the next generation, all of these titles can be downloaded across PS4 or PS5.

However, PlayStation 4 gamers don’t need to be worried about missing any of the games this week. The list isn’t for everyone.

This week, one subscriber wrote: They leak it and count how many people hate it. Then they decide “okay, we will get over it.

One more: “Pro: None of these are mys.” Con: None of these are for me.

Although tennis might seem like a lot of fun, it is still a great sport. I’m hoping September is a more suitable month for me.

For those not interested in what’s on the current roster, new experiences are being planned for August.

Splitgate, a brand new shooter currently in beta, has been very well received on both consoles and the PC.

The beta period was extended after an official delay in the release date. This was due to the need for a better server infrastructure as many console users joined the beta.

Splitgate evokes memories of some of the greatest shooters over the last two decades. It embraces close-quarters combat with a familiar and classic feel, while giving it a new twist.

Keep your head up and feel intense traversal action while you fly, flank and frag through air. Use portal combat to out-smart your enemies and constantly out-manoeuvre them.

After portalling around confused enemies, there is nothing like landing a headshot with no scope from the behind. He still believes you’re standing right in front of him.

Splitgate has more than 20 map options, with each offering its own setting and playstyle.

It is important to note that these August games will only be made available Tuesday. However, you can still download the July lineup.

This means that gamers still have time to add Call of Duty Black Ops 4 WWE 2K Battlegrounds and A Plague Tale : Innocence to their game library.

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