Sarah, Duchess Of York

Sarah Duchess Of York: Getting therapy and how to deal with it

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Sarah, Duchess Of York: Getting therapy and how to deal with it She opens her debut novel about mental health issues

Sarah, Duchess Of York

Sarah, Duchess Of YorkOur exclusive day was radiantly joyful and exciting.HELLO!Photoshoot taken in Coworth Park, Berkshire. Proofs for her debut novel,She is a Compass in Her HeartJust landed is a romantic, immersive historical saga she wrote with Marguerite Kaye (Mills & Boon author).

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Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott is the protagonist. She was inspired by the story of her great-great aunt.

Sarah explains, “I believe everyone will see the similarities [with Lady Margaret]; she’s redhead, makes her own path in life, rides horses, and she’s headstrong.”HELLO!But ultimately, this work is fiction. I hope that people don’t get too caught up in it. This has allowed me to share a personal story and to be closer to my history. It was.What do you think of yourself?“About me.”

Sarah is proud to be a mother.Princesses BeatriceAndEugenieShe has dedicated her novel “The Secret Life of a Novelist to”My beautiful daughters, who are strong and courageous like Lady Margaret and have not waited to be 61 to pursue their dreams and live their lives on their terms, have been my inspirations.“.

Sarah clarifies that she meant that “I was deeply scared and insecure.” For a time I didn’t know who I was. The most amazing man I married was the best thing for me. It was my most happy day. He is a great man and such a loving man. It all changed in September 1988.

Sarah Duchess Of York: Getting therapy and how to deal with it

Sarah poses in our photoshoot exclusive to Coworth Park

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“Bad Fergie” sold many papers. But the worst part was that I believed everything.. Because I was sensitive and insecure, every negative comment I heard was taken as truth. I could not accept the person who said it.

Her debut novel, her Heart for a Compass is available this week

Sarah started a healing process many years ago after she has had to live through the pandemic for 18 months. Her childhood traumas and years of suffering from tabloid headlines that were vile and cruel led to her seeking therapy. She has been doing this for more than two decades.

Mental health problems were something I had and continue to have. I am currently a therapy client for the past 24 years.She says. She says, “Sometimes, I speak to my therapist weekly, but sometimes when things get really difficult, I just jump in to try to understand what the negative aspects of my mind are.”

For anyone as imaginative as me, there are shadows. Because the light is so bright, it is dark. That’s Sarah, the complete package – it’s why I wrote the book and what inspired me to talk with you today.

Her mother Susan was 18-years married to Sarah Ferguson. She divorced him in 1990 and she and her two daughters were married 18 years later. In 1998, Hector Barrantes, an Argentinian polo player married Barrantes. Barrantes died from cancer in 1990, and her estranged mom was killed in an accident that occurred in Argentina in 1998.

Her Heart for a Compass by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, PS11.99, Amazon


Sarah says, “It was many years ago. I love, and I love my mom.” She was raised in an environment where she didn’t understand what was happening. It wasn’t her fault so she accepted it.

“But, as I grew older and had my daughters, I would look at my children, 12-18, and think, “How could my mother leave me?” The rot began with the feeling that I wasn’t good enough. They are strong, because they broke the pattern.

Sarah encourages her daughters and takes on criticisms. We are one tripod. I am proud of our friendship and how we discuss taking the high ground and altitude. They say, “Choose the hill you are going to fight on.” If you feel it is worth it, go for it. The consequences of not doing so will be dealt with. My daughters say to me, “Learn from the mistakes of your mother.”

This week’s HELLO! magazine contains more photos and an exclusive interview. magazine on sale now.

Mills & Boon published Her Heart for a Compass, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess, of York, on August 3rd in Hardback and eBook.

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