Tony Stark is filming the series of four episodes

Sheridan Smith has a good time with her crew while she is getting stuck in filming new ITV drama

Sheridan Smith and her crew laugh as they get stuck into new ITV dramas… even though she was still sporting an engagement ring one month later

In preparation for next year’s release, she is busy filming No Return on ITV in Manchester.

Sheridan Smith put on an animated show while working on set and was seen laughing with fellow crew members between each take on Monday.

When she was not filming scenes, the 40-year-old actress covered herself in black shades and a quilted jacket. At one point, she even laughed while being surrounded by her crew.

Do you want to tell the joke? Sheridan Smith, a crew member was seen laughing with her fellow cast members while she performed an animated show in the middle of filming ITV’s No Return in Manchester.

Sheridan seemed to be in good spirits while she quenched her thirst by enjoying a cool drink, even though the camera was temporarily stopped.

As production was continuing, she was dressed appropriately and walked out in a loosely fitted orange top with a floral-patterned maxi skirt.

Sheridan, a theatre star, wore blue mules. Her short blonde hair was cut straight for scenes at Manchester’s central bar.

Sheridan portrays the part of Kathy (played by Michael Jibson, Quiz star) who travels to Turkey to see her 16-year old son Noah (Louis Ashbourne Serkis, son of Andy Serkis). They soon realize they’re on a holiday from hell.

crew members surrounded her as she stepped out on set

Funny: As she set foot on the set, this 40-year-old actress was seen laughing as crew members surround her.

Tony Stark is filming the series of four episodes

Recovering: Theatre star, Tony Stark is filming the series of four episodes. He is wearing a jacket and sunglasses on set.

Filming started earlier in the month with Sheridan telling her fans that she was’so thankful’ to star in the drama written by Danny Brocklehurst. Brocklehurst previously created Netflix’s series The Stranger.

No Return will be on the screens by 2022. Sian Brooke is also playing Sherlock’s actress role as Megan, Sheridan’s sister.

ITV set the scene with a press release: “[The family’s] vacation is a chance for Kathy and Martin, to relax and spend some much-needed quality time together.

“Until Noah, an innocent holidaymaker, accepts a invitation to a party at the beach from another guest staying in the same hotel.

“Suddenly, Kathy and Martin are in a world of disaster when their lives become utterly destroyed as they fight for the freedom of Martin against very difficult circumstances.

“An arrest, an inexpensive and foreign legal system, media attention and resistance by fellow holidaymakers leave the distraught parents fighting to Noah’s release, when he should have been at school taking his most recent exams.

Eye for bling: Sheridan's appearance on set comes after she was seen still wearing her engagement ring a month after her split from ex-fiance Jamie Horn

Eye for bling: Sheridan is seen on-set after being photographed still wearing her engagement band a month after splitting from Jamie Horn.

Sheridan makes her latest set appearance after being spotted wearing her engagement ring last month, one month after splitting with Jamie Horn.

As she posted to Instagram to inform her fans that she was watching this year’s Love Island series, the diamond ring was reportedly valued at PS10,000.

Sheridan announced her separation from Jamie, her long-term partner and just weeks after she welcomed Billy with her.

The statement that the couple made to The Sun about their split reads: “It’s with great sadness that I have decided to spend some time apart.”

“We are both committed to the success of our son, Billy. We request that you keep our private information confidential during this time. We are grateful.

OK! magazine was told by a source: OK! magazine that Sheridan was struggling to make it through the split. He was put out for all to see, and she truly believed he was The One.

All over: The mum-of-one and Jamie confirmed their split earlier this month - nearly a year after welcoming their son Billy in May last year

It’s over: Jamie, the mother-of-one, and Jamie announced their separation earlier this month. This was almost a year since Jamie welcomed their son Billy last May.

According to the insider, Sheridan also felt pain after splitting with Jamie, her father who was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, and she had lost him.

‘She’s devastated. The source said that this has made her feel all of her feelings about missing her father, as he was her towering strength.

“In her heart, she hopes they make it right. But it does not look like there is any way to go back. It’s hard for them to have a child together. She is devastated.

Jamie and Sheridan first started dating in 2018, after they met on Tinder. They reportedly became engaged three months later.

Jamie proposed to Sheridan in May 2018, and they were then living in North London in a rental property.

Jamie, Sheridan’s ex, was onscreen with her in an ITV documentary titled Sheridan Smith: Being a Mum. The documentary was published in 2020, and it followed Sheridan’s pregnancy as her first mother.

Heartbreak: The couple had been dating for three years and lived together in North London - they got engaged three months after getting together after meeting on Tinder (pictured above in March 2020)

Heartbreak: After three years of dating, the couple lived in North London together. They got together three months later after they met on Tinder. (Photo pictured in March 2020).

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