Splitgate Queue time update: Latest Splitgate server

Splitgate Queue time update: Latest Splitgate server News

Splitgate Queue time update: Latest Splitgate server

Splitgate is set to become another top-rated gaming experience on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game, which was in beta on Steam for some time, has been launched recently on PlayStation 2 and Xbox 3.

Since then, many more people started to play regularly and took advantage of the crossplay function.

Because the game was so well received, the team decided to delay its official launch until July 31st in order to improve their server support.

Splitgate, which is free to play and has a small size download to handle, makes it an easy game to download.

However, this easy accessibility and increased player base have created some issues for players who are eager to get in on the action and start playing regularly.

Splitgate has now implemented server queue times that can cause people to wait in line for a chance to get into a lobby.

Good news: The game is still in beta. This means that the team can improve its experience and launch it with all of its content.

Splitgate enthusiasts will, however, have to live with what is currently available.

You should also note that Splitgate is experiencing a problem where some players report a bug which causes them to be stuck in the queue for longer periods of time.

It can also help you keep track of the queue time confirmed by Splitgate on Twitter.

According to the latest update from the team, the Discord page is the best spot to find the most up-to-date Queue Times. This capacity will increase in the future.


It reads, “Queue Time is currently 30 Minutes and Expected to Stay That Way Throughout Most of the Night (PDT).

For the latest estimated wait times, join our Discord. Our servers are not yet able to cope with all demand. “We are working fast to expand our capacity.”

Splitgate Discord may sometimes exceed its maximum capacity and players will have to use other social media channels to stay up to date with current news.

Splitgate, a team shooting game from 1047 Games has been compared to Halo or other top FPS.

Splitgate is unique because of the portals. They are used to constantly shake up games and make them more exciting.

For those who want to learn more, you can visit the Splitgate Open Beta site.


Splitgate, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter with player-controlled portals, is free to play. With its portal mechanics and multi-dimensional combat, this sci-fi shooter elevates the FPS genre.

This action-packed portal shooter hybrid challenges you to outsmart your opponents. Splitgate is a fast multiplayer shooter that allows players to control portals.


  • Base game, 100% free
  • More than 20 maps
  • More than 15 modes
  • Gaming in cross-play
  • Matchmaking using feature-based matchmaking
  • Random, casual, and custom games

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