Tribes of Midgard now has over 250k members

Tribes of Midgard, a Gearbox-published survival co-op action RPG, was released last week to great acclaim. It’s already attracted over 250,000 players on PC and consoles.

Inspired by Don’t Starve Together, the game launched for PS4, PS5, PC and Steam on July 27, and has been doing well since. According to SteamDB, Tribes of Midgard’s concurrent player counts have been consistently going up since release – with a new peak reached just yesterday evening with 30,930 concurrent players.

The game was number 4 on Steam’s bestsellers list last week. It is just below cyberpunk RPG The Ascent, and two versions of Amazon MMO New World. Tribes of Midgard has the potential to climb the charts this week with this momentum.

If that player count of over 250,000 isn’t enough of a clue, in general Steam users have been supportive of Tribes of Midgard too – as the game currently has a rating of ‘Mostly Positive’ from over 3800 reviews. For a game released just last Tuesday, this is a very positive start.

Gearbox’s games are currently in progress. It’s working on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a D&D-inspired game. There’s also an unannounced Borderlands 4 title. As for anyone else who’s looking for similar multiplayer-focused survival RPGs, DayZ creator Dean Hall’s Icarus may be well worth your time.

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