Twitter responds to Sifan Hassan’s fall in the 1500m for women The winner of the semifinal race is then back

Sifan Hassan, a Dutch woman who ran the 1,500 meters for women in heats on Sunday almost succumbed to disaster.

Scratch that — disaster did strike. It was just a matter of time before Hassan won an unlikely come-from-behind victory and advanced to Monday’s women’s 1500 semis. Hassan was looking for unprecedented golds at the Tokyo Olympics 2021 Tokyo Olympics women’s 1,500 and 5,000, respectively. Unfortunately, she nearly lost her chance to achieve that goal when she crashed just after Sunday’s heat bell.

After the race’s final lap, Kenyan’s EdinahJebitok ran into pedestrian traffic. She stumbled and fell on Hassan, who was still cruising at the back, and she got to her feet. As it seemed, Hassan who won the 2019 women’s 1,500 world championships, was going to have to settle for the medals at the 10K and 5K.

She finished the race in 4.05:28. That’s just 0.11 behind Jessica Hull from Australia. Hassan couldn’t wait for the right moment to get into top gear until later in the race. She had to deal with the massive deficit and use her energy earlier than usual.

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Hassan, the 1500- and 10,000-world champions and the 5,000 bronze medalist at Tokyo has now the chance to score three golds in Tokyo. This would be an Olympic record. At 8:40 AM, she will be running in the final of the 5,000. ET Monday, the 1500 semifinal will be at 6:12 on Wednesday and Saturday’s 10,000 final at 6;45 on Saturday. If she wins the 1,500 final, then her last race will take place at 8:50 on Friday.

Twitter, regardless of whether or not she achieves the legendary Triple Crown, was impressed by her resolve to overcome the odds and keep those dreams alive.

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