Twitter teams up with Reuters and AP for curation Efforts

Twitter has partnered with Reuters and The Associated Press to provide reliable information for its users. The curation team is made up of people who collaborate to contextualize the top topics being discussed on Twitter. It oversees many of the more controversial and visible features of Twitter such as Trends and Explore.

According to the company, Twitter users can expect it to work quicker to provide more contextual information as they discuss topics on the site. The company states that Trends will provide contextual descriptions as well as links to reports from trusted publications. The company claims that the program can help identify potential sources of misinformation and will also assist in proactively identifying them. Twitter, the company stated, will not wait for something to go viral. Instead it will contextualize the developing discourse in pace with the public conversation or anticipating it.

Twitter expects that the partnership will make some features more useful. Here, the company points to tools like Birdwatch. Although The Associated Press & Reuters initially will help the company with English language content, it is worth noting that the curation team also contextualizes Japanese and Spanish content.

Twitter is trying to improve its support for curation. This follows the situation it was in after Jeffrey Epstein’s death. The social media network was overrun with conspiracy theories about Epstein’s suicide, and the company was seemingly unable to stop hashtags like #ClintonBodyCount from trending. Even when you take blatant disinformation out of the picture, Twitter trends are frequently easy bait for trolling, as was on display when US gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics. Trolls will likely continue to try to manipulate the service. However, Reuters and The Associated Press could help make these efforts more visible.

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