Zazie Beetz discusses making "Atlanta" and "Invincible" with
Desus and Mero

Zazie Beetz discusses making “Atlanta” and “Invincible” with Desus and Mero

Zazie Beetz discusses making "Atlanta" and "Invincible" with
Desus and Mero

After two highly acclaimed seasons in Atlanta, we are all eager to see the return of FX to Atlanta. The FX series created by Donald Glover has finished shooting Season 3 in London, Paris, and Amsterdam, and is currently shooting Season 4 in Atlanta itself.

While filming was underway, Zazie beetz (Vanessa) spoke with Desus and Mero to discuss how far Atlanta had come.

All of us were able to get into the show through simple auditions. When I auditioned, I had a full-time job serving customers and was also working full-time. Because I am from New York, I was already working in NYC restaurants. I thought it was funny that there was another audition. She said that we didn’t know it would pop up in such a way.

I remember that we shot at the beginning of the second season. Hiro [Murai], me and him were saying, “Wow, after this, this won’t be ours anymore. It’ll belong to everybody.” It became something,” she said. It was Donald (Glover) and Childish Gambino, but it is still not clear if the plan will work. I find it special that all of us grew up together. We all have changed in our careers and that is something we share, so that we can all be successful. It was great to go back and shoot again.

Beetz spoke about all the other projects she has been involved in, such as Todd Phillips’ 2019 polarizing film Joker and her film, with Edson Oda Nine Days, which is about her film collaboration with Todd Phillips, and Amazon Prime Video Invincible. Both are adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic. Amber Bennett plays Beetz.

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