According to a flight attendant, passengers have the ability to ‘improve chances’ of becoming VIPs. Dress well for treatment

Although cabin crew may not be able to upgrade passengers all the time, they are responsible for most customer service. A flight attendant at Jet Blue explains that passengers have simple options to “improve their chances” of getting premium service from crew members.

The Points Guy UK was informed by a crew member that “presentation matters.”

This includes everything from ensuring passengers are dressed smartly to being polite to staff members and fellow travellers.

Although this may not always result in an upgrade to first or business class, the crew member stated that it could provide some inflight perks.

She said, “I don’t think you will get Mint or any premium cabin on another airline just because you are dressed up.”

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It isn’t the first time that a cabin crew member shares this type of information.

Reddit Forum: Anonymous crew members offer their assistance to holidaymakers to explain how they can get better service and free drinks.

Crew member wrote, “I treated friendly people better. I even gave them free snacks and booze.”

Although it may not seem important to be polite towards cabin crew, some flight attendants said that this can make all the difference.

She said, “On one of our aircrafts we have 396 passengers economy class. If I greet half and smile back then that means we will have a smooth flight because the passengers seem happy.”

Politeness should not be a goal to get free drinks or snacks.

Reddit anonymous second crew member said, “Sometimes they will just thank you and other times they’ll question where you are sitting. If they ask, let them know the number of your seat and they usually provide better service.”

The key is not to expect anything in return.

You have to actually give it to them because they are hard workers and must deal with lots of whiny people every day. Not because it will get you anything.

Many people mistakenly believe that cabin crew serve only food and drink.

Flight attendants receive intensive training to make sure that everyone onboard is safe and healthy, even in emergency situations.

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