After John Lennon’s outrage, the Beatles were expelled from Africa.

In the 1960s, The Beatles became more famous than ever. The band was touring the globe performing incredible songs, but the sheer number of people who came to hear them perform showed how much they were loved. John Lennon shared his excitement about how the band was more popular than Christianity during this time.

Lennon met with The Evening Standard in March 1966 and remarked: “Christianity will disappear.” It will disappear and shrink.

“I don’t need to argue about it; I’m correct and I’ll prove right. Now, we’re even more famous than Jesus.

“I’m not sure which one will be first: rock’n’roll or Christianity.”

He said, “Jesus is all right, but his disciples are thick and ordinary.” They twist it, that’s what ruins it.”

These comments were retorted a few months later.

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The South African government prohibited the play of any Beatles song on August 8, 1966.

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), also prohibited the music of the band from being broadcast.

The Fab Four were the South African Top 20 Hit Singles for the third consecutive year, with From Me To You to You, She Loves You and A Hard Day’s Night.

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Beatles fans destroyed photos and albums of the band’s members, ending their friendship with British musicians.

He explained that many of his fans in the United States didn’t care much about Lennon’s remarks.

In 1974, Imagine’s singer stated that “In England nobody took notice.”

They know that this man is blabbering off. “Who’s he?”

Later, Lennon added that “If I had said: Television Is More Popular Than Jesus’, I might have gotten away with it!”

He offered an apology for his offenses to all.

Star said, “I am sorry that I open my mouth.” I am not against God, Christ, or religion. It was something I wasn’t denying. It was not that we were better or more.

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