Apple is bringing digital student IDs to Canada, and other US countries. schools

With the start of a new school year quickly approaching, Apple is once again expanding the availability of its contactless student IDs. The software will be available in Canada after a 2018 rollout and further expansions.

The University of New Brunswick, Sheridan College and Sheridan College in Toronto will offer students the ability to link their ID cards with Apple Wallet. They can then use their iPhones or Apple Watches on campus to pay for items and facilities. The software will be adopted by “many” more schools in the US this autumn, such as Auburn University and Northern Arizona University. New Mexico State University is also planning to adopt it.

Although it will be many years before all schools have digital student ID cards available, the technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Apple announced in April that it had seen more students using their mobile IDs than its plastic counterparts, allowing them to access campus facilities and make purchases. The University of Alabama was one of the first to adopt the technology and will issue only mobile IDs for students in the fall. This marks a significant milestone on the platform.

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