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Billie Eilish “has considered ending her career”

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Billie Eilish "has considered ending her career"

The BBC has released this week a documentary on Billie Eilish, and the rise in her popularity over the last few years. Billie Eilish: Closer shows Clara Amfo, Radio 1’s 19-year old singer, talking openly. The topic of her future was brought up during the conversation.

Clara asked, “What is the future?” Billie replied, “I wish that I could!”

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Clara said, “Do you wish to retire at 25, Clara?” Continue on until you reach 90.

Billie smiled and said, “I don’t know. I was thinking about it.” “I don’t know.”

The actress then spoke out about her plans for the future, long before she was afflicted by the pandemic.

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Billie stated that she thought it was a good idea to retire.

“But, the break we were forced to take has made it difficult for me… Let’s just keep going.”

After exhaling, the young singer said: “I want to do shows…and shows…and enjoy life. Yes.

Let us know what you think. What time should Billie Eilish be retired? Participate in the discussion here

Billie is a celebrity who has been criticized on the internet for her extreme fame.

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The singer opened up about how she dealt with these trolls in a BBC documentary.

She stated, “Those people who even speak crazy things… They don’t think you will see it.”

They wouldn’t say it to you in real-life!

Exasperated Billie said, “It’s just… it’s like… What’s the point of trying to be good if others are going to continue saying you’re wrong?”

“Like you, I do my best to make the world a better place and for all people. Tell me, please, how does that work?

She later added, “It is strange to be under the microscope.”

Now is the time to be happier than ever.


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