Clone Drone is now available for Xbox One in Danger Zone S

Hello Humans! Erik Rydeman is a human fellow who has been creatingClone Drones in Danger ZoneIt’s been a long-running favorite, and it finally comes out on Xbox One. Now

Clone Drone Danger Zone begins with an extremely unfortunate circumstance — robots have taken your brain. You’ve been there. One day, you are all human, spongy and shiny, and the next, you need to reboot every so often. There’s always a positive side to getting into a new, clanky body. That upside is Laser Sword. Yes, laser sword.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

It’s great to have a laser blade, but what can you do using a laser weapon? The answer is: slice! Clone drone In The Danger Zone has voxels. This means you can cut exactly where you need it and the exact piece will be removed from your enemy. Spider-tron 6000 is looking at you from its high height. Take its legs off and you will be able to see eye-to-eye! Hammerbots will swing hammers at your face! You can rip off their arms. You’ll be decimating your opponents in the Arena. Robot parts will fly everywhere. But if you don’t like swords and prefer finer weapons, there are a variety of Bows and Spears as well. After all, variety is the best part of mechanical life.

You can upgrade your arsenal with a wide range of weapons that include limb-chopping tools. You can make a tankier robot using upgraded Armor. Or, you could move faster with the Jetpack upgrade. If you feel particularly hot you can add Flame Breath on to your metal-clad body.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

CloneDrone In The Danger Zone offers a single-player experience that challenges the robot rulers. It also has a multiplayer option in which your friends can be destroyed. You can hack and slice in 1v1 duels or join forces to use the power and friendship of co-op.

It’s a great feeling!Clone Drones in the Danger ZoneS, and we hope that you enjoy your time checking it out! You can keep track of all things robotic combat by following us on Twitter and TikTok, where you will find a lot more content. Xbox, thank you for your time!

Clone Drones in Danger Zone

Doborog Games

Xbox One X Enhanced
Clone Drone is a robotic voxel slicer-em up that allows you to take any portion of your body off. Your mind has been downloaded to a robot gladiator and you have to survive the dark trials in the arena.

Multiplayer Modes
* Story Mode: One part epic tale about human resistance, the other part laser swords.
* Endless Mode: Take on 86 levels spread over 7 difficulty tiers. Are you able to make it all the way to TITANIUM
* Challenge Mode: Bow-only or hammer only, will you be able to survive in the arena?

Multiplayer game modes:
* Last Bot Standing: A Battle-Royale-like mode that allows for up to 15 players and short play sessions. Survive and take a shower with your robot rivals.
* Private Duels: Challenge your friend in a 1v1 Duel
* Cooperative Online You can use the power of human friendship and laser swords to win! To survive in the arena

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