Co-op zombie shooter World War Z's Aftermath expansion
Arrives in September

Co-op zombie shooter World War Z’s Aftermath expansion Arrives in September

Co-op zombie shooter World War Z's Aftermath expansion
Arrives in September

World War Z is the hit co-operative zombie shooting game from Saber Interactive. It will embark on new adventures in exotic and undead-infested locations starting September 21st with its Aftermath expansion, available for Xbox, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Aftermath will be available for both existing World War Z users and newcomers as a standalone update. It is designed to provide a substantial boost for the 2-year-old zombie shooter.

This includes everything that was previously available as World War Z’s Game of the Year Edition, which included all 7 of the PvE stories. It is divided across 23 locations in New York City, Moscow, Jerusalem and Marseilles. The game also includes gameplay enhancements, new content and survivors.

World War Z: The Aftermath Trailer.

A new episode is set in Rome. It features up to four survivors who navigate its cobbled streets and catacombs to save Vatican City from the undead. You can even travel to Kamchatka in Russia, where you will navigate an abandoned cruise vessel as you search for a nuclear submarine.

Additionally, Aftermath introduces the new electric-shield-wielding Vanguard class, bringing World War Z’s total number of classes up to eight, and a new enemy type in the form of swarming hordes of hungry rats. Cross-platform multiplayer is available, as well as a first-person view that augments the third-person perspective. There are also unique moves and perks. A new combat system called “visceral”, which features unique melee and duel weapons.

Special modifiers will be added to daily challenges for bonuses, and if your console is either Xbox Series X/S (or PlayStation 5), the game can support 4K resolution at 60fps. In a free update available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, more advanced “next generation enhancements” will be added along with Horde Mode XL.

World War Z: Aftermath: The Complete Edition will retail for $39.99 USD on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Existing players can get half-off the expansion. Switch owners will be able play World War Z: Game of the Year Edition sometime in the “autumn.”

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